Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi I am planning to do Everest base camp trek in the last two weeks of December 2015 (probably from 18th of December). feel free to contact me if you can join the trek!!!
I am starting from Singapore ..



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  1. Hi, my name is Sabi. I am coming from Canada.

    I plan to be in Kathmandu on December 16, and will fly to Lukla and then will start the trek on the 18th.

    I am in discussions with Thamel Travels for a Sherpa.

    • Hi Sabi, Good to know that.. I have also checked with some other travels for the package. Itturns out to be around 1000-1200US$.. Please share your email id. so that I can contact you easily..
      My email: bernaero@gmail.com

  2. Hello! Possibly interested in this. Last two weeks of December is perfect. How many partners have you found?

  3. Hi Avni, great to hear that you may join the trek..so far I have received an intrest from Sabi from Canada as you can see in this thread….do let me know if you have got better plans and anymore people intrested…

  4. Hey! I am also planning to do Everest Base Camp around 18th December. I have contacted a guide and he has offered a very good price, including porter, meals and lodges. Let me know if you guys are interested or if not, if I could join your trip. Thanks!

  5. Hi Alejandro, good to hear that.. sure we can do trekking together… my plan is to do the trekking for 16 days in total, from 18th December to until 2nd Jan. Let me know your contact details for easy communication..please note my details as follows: bernaero@gmail.com, whatsapp no: +6584064482

  6. Hi all,
    I was hoping to start the trek sometime at the beginning of December but these dates may work as a better alternative?
    Are the three of you confirmed?

  7. Hi Dominic, Yes. we are now three people confirmed for the trekking to EBC from 19th December to Jan 2 2016..
    let me know your itinerary,


  8. Hi Bernard,
    I’m Still working out my precise itinerary, I may possibly do part of the annurpurna circuit before ebc, so I might do make this date?
    I will let you all know ASAP when I decide my route.
    Thanks again

  9. Hi All,

    Im planning for 12-14 days in mid December, Interested in your plan.

    Looking for trekking team partners, will start from Delhi, India.


    • Hi Shafi and Dominic, Our plan is last two weeks of December. We are starting our trekking on 19th December from Kathmandu till 2nd Jan 2016. Our dates are quite fixed, so do let us know if you can join the trekking..

      HP & Whats app: +6584064482

  10. Hey guys,
    planning on flying into kathmandu on the 18th/19th, so the earliest I can be in Lukla would be on 19th/20th.
    Is this too late to join you guys? Planning on doing the trek in 10/11 days so that I can be back in KTM by 1st/2nd Jan.
    p.s. from Singapore as well 🙂


  11. Hi Aravin, I think its just perfect with our dates as well. We are starting our trekking on 19th December from Kathmandu till 2nd Jan 2016. Our dates are quite fixed, so do let us know if you wanna join..


    • Hi Bernad,
      I think it depends on whether I can get the TIMS and flight to lukla quickly, because I land late at night on 18th at KTM.
      Are you guys hiring a guide who can help me sort out these details?
      If not, I will probably travel to Lukla on 20th and hike independently!


  12. We’re actually all landing on the night of 18th at KTM and taking a flight to Lukla on the morning of 20th. I need to finish by 1st Jan as well as I have a catch a flight the next day!

    • *to catch

    • okay then it sounds perfect, Id love to join! ill drop Bernad an email!

  13. Hi Aravin, yes. In fact i will be reaching Kathmandu on 18th late evening only.. So we will be taking flight on 20th morning to Lukla from Kathmandu.. At the moment, we don’t have a guide yet, but might consider later if necessary. We plan to hire a porter/guide from Lukla..


  14. Is this trek only for males?

    • Hey Meli! Of course not. A female right here 🙂

  15. Hi Bernad can i still join your group and meet you in kathmandu. i will come singapore too. thanks.

  16. Hi Bernad, are you guys still accepting partners on this trek?

    I am in Kathmandu from tomorrow but will need a few days to get sorted, so your dates work well for me.



  17. Hi guys, is anyone going from Kathmandu? Shall we meet at Kathmandu domestic airport on Sunday morning for the flight to Lukla?


    • We’re all staying really close to the airport and our flight to Lukla is at 6:15am on Sunday. We’re getting local numbers tomorrow so we’ll pass ’em to you for coordination!

  18. Hi im staying in thamel.. do you know where else we can get TIMS card.?I will check in TAAN today if it is open from 10am till 1pm. If not then maybe we get on sagarmatha?

    • Hey you can contact +977-9849234135 (Himalaya Hub travels) to get permits today itself even though offices are closed.