Everest Base Camp Trek

Ich bin als Alleinreisender auf der Suche nach (einem) Trekkingpartner(n) für kommenden Oktober in Nepal. Meine Reisezeiten sind fix da die Flüge bereits gebucht sind. Für den Trek dürfte ich um die 22-23 Tage Zeit haben. Auf ein Ziel in Nepal hab ich mich noch nicht festgelegt, ursprünglich hatte ich vor von Jiri zum EBC zu laufen. Bin da aber offen für alles. Die Tour will ich eigentlich ohne Guide/Porter machen.

Ich bin 27 Jahre (m) und lebe aktuell in Hamburg. In Nepal war ich bislang noch nie, habe aber schon Touren in den Alpen/Dolomiten gemacht und würde mich daher über eine(n) Gleichgesinnte(n) freuen. Ich kann mir auch vorstellen, mich einer kleinen Gruppe anzuschließen. Ich halte mich insgesamt für unproblematisch 🙂

Meldet euch doch, falls die Reisezeiten passen und ihr Interesse habt, dann kann man den Rest absprechen.



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  1. can you translate in english

    • Nicolas Say’s
      I am a solo traveler looking for (a) Trekking partner (s) for next October in Nepal. My journey times are fixed because the flights are already booked. For the trek, I expected to have 22-23 days time. On a destination in Nepal I am not yet determined, originally I had to run to the EBC front of Jiri. Bin there but open to all. The tour I really want to make without a guide / Porter.

      I am 27 years (m) and currently live in Hamburg. In Nepal I had never previously, but have already made tours in the Alps / Dolomites and would therefore have a (n) like-minded people (s) happy. I can also imagine to join a small group. I consider myself a total for unproblematic 🙂

      Report to but if the travel times match and you are interested, then you can deny the rest.

  2. Hi Everyone
    I am a government certified licence holder trekking and tour guide in here Nepal also i am an individual guide so my price will be reasonable for all the nature and culture lover with adventure lover … so if you are looking for your suitable one i am here just click on here or in Facebook as Raby Dong

  3. Hello Nicolas,
    Thanks for replying,I am arriving in Kathmandu on Oct 9th from US and Have booked Ist AM flight to Lukla on 12th and come back on Nov.1. from Lukla. I just like to enjoy the hike without pushing too hard . Hopefully I like to do at least EBC or may be Goyko. It will be fun if we can put together group or do it ourself. See if these dates will work for you and what are your dates. Let me know you can write me.

  4. Hello, this trip accord to my plan and time schedule but I would also be happy with a camping trek, anyone else? I am searching for a group to join to share the costs of guides and porters but if we can form a small group doing on our own, it would also be nice I guess…
    Another wish is to expand the EBC trek with a peak climb of around 6000m, but therefore I certainly need a group to share the costs of Permits and guides. So let hear if you have similar toughts!!

  5. Hello Marjolijn,
    Like I mentioned I plan to do EBC/Goyko from Oct12-Nov1. Nothing to hard ,do as much as I can without getting in trouble. I am talking to couple of people who may join. But that is the plan right now

  6. Hallo Nicolas,
    ich bin 29 Jahre alt, komme aus Polen und ich war auch noch nie im Nepal. Ich möchte gern auch ohne Porters wandern. Gerade suche ich nach dem Trekkingpartner für Zeit von 03-10-215 bis 23-10-2015. Früher hatte ich in Alpen/Karpaten/Pireneien gewandert und auch am bisschen geklettert 😉
    Eigentlich Himalayas sind mein Wundertraum, es ist für mich auch nicht so wichtig wo wir genau wandern, aber EBC klingt spannend. Bist Du vielleicht interessiert mit mir zu trekken?
    Schreib bitte wenn Du irgendwelche Fragen hast. Hmm.. ich denke, dass ich eine unproblematische und frohe Person bin.
    Grüsse und warte auf Deine Antwort !
    P.S. Spreche auch Englisch ohne Probleme 🙂

  7. Hi, why don’t we form a group for this hike? I can leave also on the 3rd, I’d like to start from Jiri, so maybe we can leave on the 3rd from Kathmandu To Jiri by bus and be in Lukla on the 6th where Nicolas can join us maybe… How do you arrange the hike permits? Does anybody has a good map to do the hike?? contact me for further arrangements!!

  8. Hi there ! I think it’s a good idea to go in a group. On 3. October I fly out of Berlin to Kathmandu, so I’ll be there on 4 October. Indeed , Nicolas can get us later in Lukla . I plan to buy maps in Kathmandu, Please contact me on facebook or here.

  9. Hello there. Any news in this group? Nicolas do you still plan the trek and are you interested to go in a group? czambler, can we get in contact on Facebook?

  10. hi i m in nepal on 13 oct and i whant do again ebc from lukla….last time i did from jiri and the first part are not so nice.this time i decide to spend more days up in the montains to take nice picturs and enjoy landscape. at the moment i m alone and i looking for some peapols to make a small Group.i don t use a porter just a guide becouse some time difficolt found way and make reservetions on guest house.
    let me know alex

  11. It’s maybe good idea to take a guide and share the cost in the group. Also for the arrangements of hiking permit we could use the help of huis agency’s maybe… I am allready in contact with some agencies so I can ask them for the arrangements. Then we only have to decide the date. I can adapt to everything but am available from the 4th of october…

    • I am planning to get permits myself in KTM on 9th and fly to Lukla on 12th.

  12. hi Marjolijn hi Gobinder
    i have my fly from italy to ktm on 13 oct.day after start trekking from lukla.i whant visit eveserst area gokyo area and try to clim Island peak or visit around chumrung.in total 20 22 days up in the montains.i have a guide sherpa whit my i did whit him 7 trek.
    if u whant to share cost of guide we can try to make a small Group.let me know.

    • Hello ALex,
      Since I will be leaving 2 days before you (flying to Lukla on 12th), I am not sure how that is going to work out.

  13. Hey guys, I’m completely new to this group and trekking in general and was really keen on trekking to the everest base camp. I came across this thread and was wondering if this plan was happening and if I can join in?

  14. Hello Somesh,
    I will be flying to Lukla on 12th (Ist flight) and coming back on Ist Nov., It will be great if you like to join.

  15. Hey Guys!! Another one joins the chat! I’m planning to reach KTM (from New Delhi) by Oct 1 and then leave for Jiri and start the trek around Oct 3. If the group is formed already, I can maybe join the group. I’m not planning to book a guide or porter for the trek, though. Planning for an independent trek. If anyone’s trek dates coincide with mine, hit me with a reply. I’m flexible about the dates — 2/3 days. Also, have been reading about the Gokyo Ri and Cho La treks. Very interested to know more about that and plan further, maybe.


  16. I think there are 2 subgroups in this chat, the ones who want to leave in the beginning of oktober and the other ones for the middle of October. I count myself in the first group. So Nicolas, Czambler and Nitin, do you want to form a group starting from Jiri on the 5th of October or something around? We cane share a guide for this group, if you’d be interested. Others also welcome of course if time planning is according…

  17. Hey guys, a lot to read here 🙂
    My plans still existing like i described above. i think it could be difficult to find consensus between so many people with different flight dates. thats why i would prefer to do the trek without guide so everyone is flexible to go for his own if its needed. i’m arriving on the 5th october in the afternoon in Kathmandu, so i hope i’m ready to start the trek on the 7th october. so first group for me i think 🙂 TIMS and permits i want to get myself. My flight outbound from Kathmandu is on the 30th october, so i hope to get to EBC, Kalapattar and maybe Gokyo.

    • Are you flying to Lukla or going to Jiri.

  18. The route itself doesn’t matter so much for me (gokyo lakes sounds good!) but I’d like to start from Jiri because many people recommended me that because then you pass trough different types of vegetations and not immediately in high mountains (and also good for acclimatisation). What about you Nicolas? And the others?

  19. Hey Marjolijn and Nicolas!

    I too am planning the trek from Jiri and independently — without a guide or porter. As much as I’d love to support the local community by maybe contributing through hiring a guide or local porter, I’m on a tight budget — trying to complete this trek in a shoestring budget (not the reason to start from Jiri, though :P). I can maybe wait till the 5th to start from Jiri, but as I’ll reach KTM by Oct 1 /2, I don’t want to delay it any further.

    Let me know whatever you guys plan.

    Cheers and hope to meet you guys soon!!

  20. Hi everyone, I’m also new to this thread. I’m currently trekking in the Annapurna region and want to do EBC next around the 6th starting in Lukla. It’s hard for me to read all the messages in this thread on my phone, but if the group is not full, I’d also like to join.

    Was not planning on hiring a guide or porter but would prefer to allow a few extra days 19-20 days total instead of the 15-16 usually recommended so we can enjoy journey. How does that line up with what the group is currently thinking?

  21. Hello Ally, it would be great if you’d join us. But maybe first it would be good to know for sure who else is going to participate the group. It looks like we’re with 5 wanting to leave the beginning of october (5/6/7?). So Ally, Nitin, Nicolas and Czambler, can you contact me on Facebook (Marjolijn Smits) and let know if you would start from Jiri or Lukla and on what date, so that we can make further arrangements? The others are also welcome but maybe your dates don’t match? Looking forward to hear from you, Marjolijn

  22. A couple of thoughts for consideration, from the perspective of someone who has been trekking in Nepal 15 times (since I went to EBC for the first time in 1980). 1. It might be worth once in life starting the trek in Jiri or Shivalaya, because far fewer people start there versus starting in Lukla. You do definitely see more variety of vegetation by starting at the lower elevation of Jiri/Shivalaya. However, I doubt that you can get from there to Luka in 3 days. I would estimate it’s more like 5 days, with lots of days hiking long ascents up to mountain passes and then down to river crossings. Consult the Lonely Planet guide to Nepal. An alternative would be to go by road to Salleri, near the airport in Phaplu. From there you can apparently walk to Lukla in 3 days, with far less exertion. 2. The best trekking maps for Nepal are published by a company called NEPA. But the ones by Himalayan Map House are pretty good. And there is a very good one by National Geographic which is for sale on Amazon. For basic research, go to Google Images, type “everest trek map” and you’ll get lots of options. One decent one is at http://itreknepal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Everest-Gokyo-ri-e1380438715147.jpg. 3. If you fly into Lukla, you can hire porters there, who can also serve as guides. The going rate is typically about US$15 per day, to carry a load of up to 25 kg. 4. Probably the best overall reference guide is the Lonely planet guide to trekking in Nepal. 5. I’ll be flying into Lukla on October 14, and heading up while most of you are heading down. Have a great trip!

    • I agree with keepontrekking. I skipped the walk in from Jiri on my first trek in the Everest region thinking I wanted to get to the highlights of the trek as soon as possible. Looking back, the trek in from Jiri would probably have been the most unique and memorable part of the trek 🙂 Definitely plan on doing it next time I go.

  23. Hi I am new to this chat. I will be in doing the EBC trek in early October, I am flexible on the start date (earliest by 1 st Oct) and have to finish by 20 Oct. Does it coincide with anyone’s plan? Or has any group been formed already and I am happy to join.

    Tin Lok

  24. Hi all,

    I am also very interested in starting the trek from Lukla (or Jiri as reccomended above) in early October. I will arrive in Kathmandu on Oct 5th, and will probably be ready to depart on the 6th or 7th. Please let me know if this is of interest.

  25. Just to clarify what I meant to say. The route from the lowlands up to Lukla is worth doing once in life. But if you start from Jiri/Shivalaya, it takes a long time — I estimate 5 days more. And although it is interesting, it doesn’t hold a candle to the beauty of the landscape from Lukla to Base Camp. If you are short on time, it’s fine to fly into Lukla, which I think 95% of visitors to Base Camp do. And only a very small percentage of the visitors have enormous problems with the altitude, providing you take the required rest days at Namche and at Pheriche/Dingboche.

  26. Thanks @keepontrekking for the invaluable info! I’m planning to start the trek from Jiri and I understand that it’ll take at least 5-6 days from Jiri to reach Lukla / nearby village to continue the trek to EBC.

    @Marjolijn, @Nicolas — I’ll reach KTM on Oct 3. When are you you guys going to be in KTM? We can maybe meetup on Oct 4/5 to discuss this further. I’ll ping you on Facebook, Marjolijn.


  27. I’m planning To start from Jiri and heading off by bus from Kathmandu on sunday or monday, depends on how soon I can get my permit, because of shortage of fuel it is not so clear if I can make it easy To Kathmandu these days. Up till now, one other guy is probably coming with me so anyone who want To join can contact me, the sooner the better . We would catch up the other group in Lukla on friday the 9th, or that is at least the plan. So the Lukla-group can arrange To meet there…

  28. Hello all, so, is anybody going tomorrow to jiri, sallery or lukla? I am in ktm now and would like to do the 3 passes trek. I prefer to fly to lukla but ready to start from sallery as well. I would like to start asap.
    Safe and happy trekking

  29. We are going on monday normale by jeep To phaplu, but still not 100% sure, we have To see if there is fuel… But we’re with 4 now and we can go up To 6 To fill up the jeep and To share the costs, so if anybody’s interested please contact me. From phaplu it’s 3 days walking To Lukla. There we can meet some others who are planning To fly over there…

  30. Can anyone who is in KTM in the next few days post on this Blog an on-the-scene update on just how impossible it is for vehicles to buy fuel, given the blockade by India? I am supposed to fly from the US to Nepal in a week, but I have to decide whether to postpone the trip until the situation clears up. My travel agent in Nepal reports that for the moment the domestic airlines are still flying, but it is not clear how long that situation will last. Thanks!