Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi guys,

Anyone interested in joining me on a trip outlined below? Looking for mates.

I am planning a trip next year to Everest Base Camp. Around early to mid march 2019. Here are the trip details.

Brisbane to Delhi, India – A week there
Delhi to Rajastan
Rajastan to Punjab
Punjab to Delhi
Delhi to Nepal
Base Camp Trip
Nepal to Bhutan
Bhutan back to Brisbane

Looking at around 2 months. I am bit familiar with India and know few people there and Nepal and Bhutan. Can assist with advance bookings.

Let me know if anyone is interested.




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  1. Hi, Nick, Greetings from Nepal
    My name is Gam Bahadur Rai(55), I am Local Trekking Guide of Nepal
    Being guide , I would like to inform you that please make sure your arrival dates in kathmandu and duration of Everest Base Camp trek I can manage everything accordingly even Bhutan package tours ex- Kathmandu ,Nepal
    if you have any quistion, please feel free to contact me
    with Best regards
    -Gam Bahadur Rai

  2. Hi Nick. I am also planning a trip to EBC in early March 2019 as well. DM me if you want to chat about it.


  3. Hi i’m planning going early march too!

    • Hello patrycja, happy new year, what date in March are you going? I arrive in Kathmandu on the 2nd March and was planning flying to lukla on the 5th to start the trek. Would you be interested in teaming up?

  4. Hi i’m planning go in march too!

  5. planning to go*

  6. Hey nick,

    I am arriving in Kathmandu in the 2nd of March 2019

    I seen you are looking to do it solo and with like minded souls. I was hoping to fly to lukla on the 5th March to start the trek. Would you be interested in joining me?