EBC on shoestring budget!

Hi fellow trekkers!
I am a solo trekker back from the classical Everest region trek starting from Jiri last winter. I have already started planning for my next trip and I am looking out for like-minded trekkers who can join my plan.

My plan at the moment is for around two weeks of trekking in Nepal. I don’t mind doing the Everest trek again, maybe add Ama Dabalam BC as it was just fantastic deviation last time (other options could be Langtang). Right now I am flexible on the location & dates, maybe sometime in June-July

I am comfortable communicating in Hindi and that is a BIG help for trekking solo. I managed to trek for 25 days for about 350USD last December and hopefully it will be as economical this time around too.

I can facilitate and arrange essentials, sort out the itinerary and logistics making the trek go smooth as we plan.
This time around I am planning to camp as well, carrying tent and cooking supplies, but will finalize based on how the replies are to this post.

Let me know if you have any similar plans, and you wish to join me for this beautiful trek into the Khumbu valley!



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  1. This is amazing!
    Hi my name is Rikki, I’m 27 and from Australia. I willbe visiting Nepal for the first time in June and staying for a few months. I would love to do EBC but I don’t want to spend a lot of money.
    I new to this website and not yet sure how it all works but you can add me on Facebook (Rikki Yeowart) if that’s easier and we could chat more about plans?
    Hope to hear from you ✌️

  2. HI, I’m going on 23rd Aug can join if your are prefer same date. My date is fixed and can’t change due to shortage of leave.

  3. Hi Viv,

    I am Aday from Indonesia, is it your plan for EBC on 21 Dec is fix ? I will have same plan and looking for trekking partner.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Viv
    im Vignesh from Kerala,
    i would also like to join with you because my plans are same like you
    thank you