Everest Base Camp Trek

Update: due to flight availability and a tighter-than-expected schedule, I’ve had to change the details of my trip. I’m now arriving in Kathmandu on April 5 and flying to Lukla on April 6 to begin a 12-day trek to EBC – so no Goyko Lakes for me :(. I’m currently in the process of trying to hire a porter. If anyone would like to join for all or part of the way, let me know!

Hi folks – I’m planning to do the EBC trek next month. I’m prepared to do the trek solo, but it would be great to have some company on the trail. I’m in Laos until mid-April, after which my dates are fairly flexible. I could arrive in Kathmandu as early as April 14th and would need just a couple of days to get the logistics squared away (I already have all of my gear). I’m planning to do the standard 12-day route, but would be open to doing a longer hike.

I would say I’m in fairly good shape, but I’ve never done a hike quite like this before so I am planning to hire a porter. I understand the porters are able to carry gear for up to two people, so it might be possible to split the cost.

Hope to see you on the trail!



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  1. Hi Ben I am landing in KTM on 15th. Even I am undecided on whether to use a agency or do it on my own with a help of a guide. I am planning for a EBC via three passes.

    Let me know if you want to team up. BTW I am flying out of Michigan via Chicago

    • Hi Hari – my plans actually got moved up a week. I’m now hoping to start the hike around the 10th, so it sounds like the timing isn’t going to work out. Good luck with your hike!

  2. Hello Ben ! Currently in India I plan to be also in Nepal for mid April. And would really like to do the EBC via gokyo lakes. I don’t know if you found partners already. I was in Nepal 3 years ago for the annapurnas. Really loved it ! Let me know if you still want to go !

  3. Hi Ben/Clotilde,
    I am from San Francisco, USA, reaching Kathmandu on April 8 and planning to start the EBC and Gokyo trekking on April 9, 2018. I have already lined up a Porter cum Guide from Lukla for 15 to 16 days to go by myself instead of joining an organized group from trekking agency.

    I am looking for a partner or a small group to share the experience and split the cost , also it would be nice to have someone to chat with and help each other in case of emergency. Let me know if your schedule work and like to team up.

    • Hi Hedayet – that actually lines up pretty well with my plans. I’m also planning to arrive that weekend (April 7th or 8th) and start hiking straightaway. I do have to be back in Laos the week of the 23rd, so 15 days is a bit long for me, but I think it’s manageable. Do you have Whatsapp? If so, I’ll pm you my contact info.

  4. Hi Ben, I will in KTM on april 9 and be there in namche bazaar via jiri on April 17 and would like to join with you.. let me know your plans. please ping me in whatsup : 00919966626375 .. my return fights is on may5 and also planning goyko lakes

  5. Hi Ben and everyone else!

    Are you still searching for companions for the trek? I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on Friday 6th and my plan is to start hiking in the Everest region a couple of days later. It would be cool, if we could go together for at least parts of the trek and maybe split costs for a porter! I have some hiking experience but it will also be my first time in Nepal. So if you have a detailed plan for your trek yet, I’d be very happy if you let me know 🙂