Everest Base Camp Trek

I am planning to do the EBC trek in early May; I am looking to leave for Nepal between May 8-11 and the trek should take around 14 days, possibly more depending on acclimatization and such. I have planned majority of the trip, feel free to contact me for more info. I am open to hiring a guide once we start the trek. The posted budget is a safe estimate (not including plane ticket) and up to personal discretion.



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  1. Hi Harvey!

    I’m interested in doing a EBC trek at start of May as well. Currently I plan on going no guide or porter. I’m looking to arrive in Nepal around May 7/8th and then leaving for EBC as soon as possible. I’m aiming for approximately 14 days as well. Right in your timeframe!

    Maybe we could be trekking buddies? I’ll make an individual post as well, but perhaps we can coordinate something?

    • Hey Steve! I didn’t receive any replies to this post for a while, so I have already hired a personal guide. Maybe I will meet you on the trail though!

    • Hi Esteban! I want to do the EBC trek starting from 8th of May. I have time, so not really limitations. Money-wise I would like to keep it very basic. If you are still looking for a travelpartner you can always let me know.

  2. I am also planning EBC solo around 10th May. Lets be in touch.

  3. I plan to go EBC solo at 20 May. Just wonder if we could team up. Let me know. Thanks.