Everest Base Camp Trek

Hey, my name is Filip and i plan to go to the EBC (on the 4th of January) and the duration will be exactly 14 days. I’m currently volunteering in Kathmandu, so there is no problem to meet before the trek.

About me:
I love doing sport and i am usually a fast walker/trekker, but because i want to do the trek in 14 days i will take it easy.
I am also very interested to get to know new people so i’m very open-minded and i’m sure that it won’t be boring with me 😉

If it’s important for you:
I’m fluent in english, german and polish and i also understand french, but my speaking skill in french is…ähm, yes… “frozen”.

I hope that YOU are interested in spending this cold time with me and having a lot of fun and unforgettable memories.

P.s.: If we don’t like each other (probably not, but you never know…) i will just take all your food while you are asleep and will continue my trek without you 🙂 I’m sure that you won’t mind…



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