Everest Base Camp Trek

Hello everyone,

I just found out about this site and decided to make a post. I am cycling around Asia, i have started my trip in Delhi and will be in Kathmandu around the start of New years. From there i want to take a flight to Lukla and do the Everest basecamp trek.

One thing I have to share. Before i went on this trip my best friend died. I brought something of him with me to leave along the way. So there might be some emotional moments for me along the way.

Other than that I am a very relaxed guy who loves nature and culture. I have some stories to share of my travelling. I think my stamina is good, from cyclingg and running. Not shure about the altitude but we will figure this out. I am not in a rush but i do mind my budget :).

Let me know if there is anyone interrested in joining this journy for a bit or untill the end.





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  1. Hey Walter,

    Truly sorry to hear about your best friend.

    I’m planning my trip to EBC around the same time – I’ll land in KTM around Dec 30-Jan 1, and then fly up to Lukla for the EBC trek (except I also want to do Gokyo Lakes and spend a little more time just being in the mountains – i.e. don’t want to rush the trek and am open to more “rest days”). Happy to meet up either in KTM or along the route.

    Out of curiosity, are you planning on spending NYE in KTM?

    • Hey Dharak,

      Thanks for your message. I plan to do NYE in Pokhara. Everybody told me this is the place to be. And i would be happy if we could do some parts of the trek togheter. I have been thinking of doing the pass to the Gokyo lakes aswell so we could reach there too. I have visa until februari so i have enough time to enjoy this journey.

      You can whatsapp me and we can see if we can plan this a bit:


      Greetings Walter

  2. Hi Walter,

    I am planning to start the trek on the 4th as well. I will be in pokahara for the New Year’s Eve and after I will to Kathmandu buy some northface fake stuffs and head to the mountains.

    I want to do a safe trek respecting the rules of aclimatazion. I am very keen to the three passes and the some summits that you can walk to the top in the Way.

    I’m keen to find partners for safety and fun reasons. I am a backpacker as well and been travelling and working for one year now.

    As Dharak said I also don’t want to rush and I am keen for resting days and day trips but sleeping in the same altitude for aclimatazation.

    I have whatsapp as well, can I add you?



  3. I am sorry to hear abouut your best friend, I am also in a healing trip for different reasons.

    I am almost sure that we will get emotional in this mountains.

    • Shure add me. I don’t want to make a big group but 3 is great i guess. Hope you know some good card games geheheh

  4. Hi Walter I was curious if you were looking for potentially one more person for the group I just arrived in Kathmandu and I’m looking to do the trek in a similar way you are with plenty of rest days I have a month here so I’m not in a huge rush.

    If you are happy with the people you already have do not hesitate to say no I completely understand.

    All the best!