Everest Base Camp Trek


I’m arriving in Kathmandu Dec 9th for EBC, looking to start my trek the 11th, possibly the 10th.

Happy to meet others along the way as I’ll be trekking solo, let me know if you have a similar time frame!




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  1. Hey I’m currently in Kathmandu volunteering, finishing up the week starting 12th December, I’m really keen to do the everest base camp trek as well and would love to get in contact if you are still interested or have found more people to do it with around that time?

    • Hey Stacey, thanks for your response!
      When do you finish volunteering/when are you available to head out? I’ve actually booked my Lukla flight for the 11th, I may have flexibility changing it through the airline but not 100% sure. I don’t have plans with other travelers yet, although Rob replied below so lets see how this works out! I’m leaning towards starting the trek by the 11th as I’d prefer to have the extra days on the tail end of my trip for any delays with weather or altitude sickness.

    • Hi Lauren, I can go on the 11th also. Are you planning on booking everything yourself though, and not getting a guide? I don’t have much trekking experience so I’m not sure if this would be the best thing for me, it might be best if I go with a guide? I’m in two minds now. How long are you planning on doing the trek for?

    • Hi Stacey!
      There are definite pros and cons to going with a guide. My takeaways from my one time trekking in Nepal previously: guides are typically fun to hang out with and really knowledgeable about the country and the culture. They also take care of all logistics and stuff, and totally help with any language barrier, of course! They also typically know good places to stay in each location. The drawbacks are that you don’t have as much flexibility with changing plans on the fly. I don’t find the cost too expensive (I think it’s in the range of 3,000 rupees per day = $30USD), but I think you’re also required to pay airfare for your guide to get to Lukla and back (maybe 30,000 rupees = $300USD). If you’re relatively inexperienced with trekking though, it might be really beneficial for you to have one. We should definitely talk about our options! I don’t want to commit to too many fixed plans before I even get in country and know people’s different hiking styles, but I might be interested in at least starting off with a guide, and sharing that cost for as long as I’m around? What are your thoughts on that?


    • Stacey, Rob,
      I’ve considered a guide, I’m leaning towards not for the flexibility of choosing my own teahouses, going my own pace, leaving my options open. Though I do see a lot of value in having a guide. With the trek being from teahouse to teahouse, and well traveled (I know not during our time of year), I’m leaning towards going solo but I have not decided 100%.
      I haven’t done a trek like this before, so I’m not necessarily experienced but I’m pretty fit/done plenty of day trips hiking. The bigger worry is how our bodies react to the change in altitude, which could put us on different schedules as the days pass. If day 1 is the flight from Lukla, I’m planning to be at EBC on Day 8, Kala Pattar day 9. I’m thinking 3 or 4 days down, depending on how much time I feel like spending in the area – going with the flow on that. That seems to be the general schedule for the time it takes going up!


  2. Hey Lauren- I’m also arriving in Kathmandu on the night of the 9th, and will be in Nepal until January 1st, arriving solo but totally open to finding hiking/logistics partners. I’m thinking I’ll need at least one full day in KTM to get things together, but the 12th (or maybe the 11th?) could be perfect. Let me know if you want to try to figure something out? I live in Colorado and have a lot of hiking experience.


  3. Hey Rob, interesting we may be on the same flight I get in the 9th at night as well, coming from VA! As of now I have one day, the 10th planned for getting things together in Kathmandu as I booked my Lukla flight for the 11th. I’m debating if I’ll need that day in Kathmandu though, it looks like both the TIMS and National park entrance fee can be gotten on the trek. I’m also brining my gear rather than renting, so the only thing I can think is necessary in Kathmandu is a cheaper rate for currency exchange. I’m also not 100% sure I can change my flight to head out the 10th, though. Are you renting gear?
    I’m leaning towards a sooner start to the trek to have the extra time at the end of my time in Nepal for delays, up for considering options though! Stacey’s (above post) may work with us as well


    • I agree that heading out sooner is probably a good idea in case of weather, etc! One day in KTM might be sufficient to take care of stuff, too. I am bringing all of my gear, so I guess it’s just maps, permits, etc. I’m more thinking of just getting a little better adjusted to the massive timezone change! Where did you book your Lukla flight, and what time is that?

  4. Hi Lauren it would be cool to join you on for a few days on this trek. I arrive in Kathmandu on the 9th and will hopefully to get a flight for the 11th to start trekking.

    • Hey Paul, yup sounds good! Also, I’ve looked a bit into adding Gokyo lake on the decent from EBC/Kala Pattar, will be highly dependent on weather and if there’s others to trek with for that portion. Any interest in Gokyo?

  5. Hey yeah that sounds like it could be interesting.
    So TIMS and national park entrance fee can be obtained on the trek?
    I’m booking a flightime for the 11th in the morning. We’ll arrange somewhere to meet up in Lukla or KTM?

    • Yes for TIMS/permits thats what I’ve read. Will message you about meeting up!

  6. Why not to try three passes trek?
    Me and one couple ariving to lukla on the 10th
    We’ll try to start around that time.

    • Hi Prem, a few of us have flights for the 11th to arrive in Lukla. We’re planning to skip the first pass but doing the other two, we should keep in touch to meet along the way.

      Are you doing Three Passes with EBC? Currently thinking to go counterclockwise, so EBC then the two passes on the decent.

  7. Yes. If all passes gonna be open we planning to do them counterclockwise, with EBC