Everest Base Camp Trek


I’m 25, American and have hiked a couple different treks.

I have a work trip in Kathmandu and decided to tack on a base camp hike. I’m free starting the 2nd and fly back out the 18th. I’m looking for a partner or two to share a porter. Since I’ll be in Thamel I was planning to book while I’m there and I’m looking to stay under $1000USD.

I recently hiked Torres Del Pain, Patagonia and loved it, didn’t love carrying all my stuff ha!

Other than that, I’m super flexible and easy to get along with.



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  1. Hello Alllison, I’m planning on doing the three high passes. Do you want to do only EBC or would you be interested in also going a little further according to your timing to go back?

  2. I’m planning three passes trek also…..

  3. I’m planning a three passes loop as well around that time if any af you could start a week earlier…..

  4. Hey Allison,

    I am also now considering doing the Everest Base Camp around early February and I think it’s doable under 1000$. Let me know if you are still looking for a trekking partner.


  5. Hey, me and my girlfriend are looking to do Everest and Gokyo on the exact same day as you. It would be cool to go together if you’re still looking for people.

    I’ve created a separate trip myself but we budgeted $150 for a 15 day trek (I did the same trek in 2014 but walked in from Jiri and went up to Chuckung, Gokyo and EBC, 28 days total) which is easily do-able.

    Let us know if you are still looking for partners and we can go along together.