Everest Base Camp Trek

Hey guys, the plan is to do the EBC trek in March 2018. I am on shoestring budget and I want to travel independently with a guide (and may be a porter as well, depends!). Would love to have like-minded people teaming-up to share costs but most importantly have experiences together.

Primary goal is to complete the basic EBC trek, but if health and budget permits…may touch few more spots! Also I wouldn’t have time pressure and would take time to enjoy and immerse in the nature as much as possible.

My dates and route is quite flexible, so drop me a line if you plan to trek at that time and we can discuss 🙂



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  1. Hi!

    I want to do the EBC on march. My start day would be around 3rd of march. Would that fit you ?

    Also I don’t want a guide, I’ve read and heard from so many ppl that its so easy to do yourself, no guide needed. But id like to take a porter and share the cost w someone

  2. Hi! Im also planning to do the EBC on march with a shoestring budget. My start day would be around 3rd of march, after the Holi.

    Ive heard and read from so many ppl that its easy to do without a guide, but id like to take a porter and share the cost w someone.

    What do you think?

    – Levi

  3. Hi Levi,

    Sounds good! I am a novice trekker, but if you are confident, I don’t have a problem. I think we can make it. Lets make some plan then….I inboxed you my email.

  4. Hello,

    I am also planning to do EBC in April. Is your trek details finalized. I am looking to join a group or ok with joining a someone on EBC trek. Please let me know.

  5. I am Also Planning some where in April’18, I am Looking for a Partner to share the cost, if you are interested you can Ping me. BTW i am from india.

  6. Hey, I will be in Nepal during March 2018. I am looking to partner with someone to share expenses. Your plan sounds pretty good, are you still thinking about March? we could team-up

    • hey,
      staring the EBC and gokyo lake on march 19th. would like to team up?

  7. hi fuad, have you teamed up with someone yet? I’ll fly to kathmandu on 28.2 and stay there for a couple of days. wanna do the ebc trek and gokyo lakes if everything goes well. I’m pretty flexible..could either fly into lukla or trek to the start of the trail-I’m not in a hurry. main goal is enjoying the nature and the time while trekking. I’ve been to 6000 meters and did multiple day treks without guides before, so i wouldn’t go with a guide this time either. i have never trekked that long though-but very motivated, hope my legs survive
    ☺ let me know if you wanna trek together or meet up in kathmandu. andrea

  8. Hi Fuad,

    I’m also hoping to start the EBC trek on 7 March, would be keen to join if you were leaving around that time! Flying into Lukla on the 7th, hopefully will start trekking on that day, if all goes well.


  9. Hi guys!
    I arrive in kathmandu this weekend and am planning to do the EBC with or without a guide. although I have heard you need a guide.
    I would like to do the trek in the beginning of March, after the Holi festival.
    If any of you would like to meet up, let me know!
    looking forward to it