Everest Base Camp Trek

Hello there nature lovers.

I am landing in ktm feb 5th and i am planning to trek from Jiri the 6th or 7th.

That route, its actually the original one, its less crowed, helps you to acclimate to altitude, you get to know real nepal villages, culture and people on the way, its cheaper than the flight to lukla, its 6-7 days longer tho. I gotta be in ktm on feb 27th the latest, so most likely i will take the flight back from Lukla. Although i am flexible, it depends on the people i am trekking with.

I am adventurous , resourceful and reliable spanish 33 years old guy.

I have done other trips in the past, for example last year I cycle with my MTB from croatia to turket, crossing 6 countries, just me, my bicycle and my tent.

Nowadays I live in a camper van in the forest in a small spanish island, enjoying the nature.

I am looking for ‘do it urself’ adventure, I have a low budget, I dont want to do the trek with a tour operator company but on the other hand a partner to trek with in those conditions is very helpful, I want to know culture, local people, local villages and get to know himalayas.

Looking forward hear from you.


ps: banuelossalinas@gmail.com



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  1. Hey Antonio,
    Seems like we a similar trip in mind… I am a surfer, snowboarder and nature lover from Australia. So I consider myself to be reasonably fit. I am flying solo into ktm on the 4th of jan and out on the 28th of feb. Just wondering if you were flexible with dates? As I was thinking of leaving a little earlier and hiking from Jiri for the cultural experience. And taking roughly a month or a bit less. From what I have read being off the main trekking route gives you more of an insight into the real nepal and supposedly a great way to acclimatize to altitude. Anyways look forward to hearing from you ✌

  2. Hola Antonio!
    Soy Héctor, de 29 años, de Ibiza.
    Me encanta hacer trekkings y sin duda tengo muchas ganas de hacer el del campo base del Everest, me gusta viajar, la aventura, conocer otras culturas y la gente local de otros países.
    El trekking lo quiero hacer por mi cuenta ya que mi presupuesto no es tanto como para hacerlo por agencia, pero si que me gustaría hacerlo con algún compañero o varios ya que esta aventura veo que es interesante hacerla acompañado.
    He visto en tu publicación que lo quieres hacer para el 10 de febrero y por eso mismo te escribo, porque yo tengo pensado hacerlo por esas misma fechas.

    Espero tu respuesta, saludos!!!

    Gracias, Héctor!!!

  3. Hi Antonio!

    I’m Julie and I’m looking to do the trek around the same time as you! I also hope to keep my expenses as low as possible. I’m an American teaching in China and have a month off to explore Nepal and Tibet. I’d love to do the hike with others so let me know your plans! 🙂

    • Hi Julie, I’m Cloud. And I wonder if we could talk and exchange our plan then see if we could join together.
      About health, I think I’m reasonable fit for this trek, and I still keep exercising for being more durable.
      I intend to hiring a porter combining with guide at Lukla. It would be wonderful to have a partner on the way.
      Look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Have a nice time!

    • I am arriving to Kathmandu on feb 5th and I will take a bus to Jiri on 6th.

      The idea is to trek from Jiri to EBC, without taking the flight to Lukla. That way is less touristic, less crowed, is the original route, you get to know deeper the real nepal, you acclimate better to altitude, you save the money of the flight. Its 4 days longer though.

      I suposse you have the same plan as I do, there is no plan. I wouldnt like to trek in a big group, with everything already planned, go there, sleep there, follow me, no waaaay. I dont like to plan, leave things to improvisation, it depends on the way I feel like that day. But obvs, that trip is safer to do it accompanied, so here we are , looking for partners to trek with.

      There is an australian guy, who i will meet in thames on feb 5th around midday, we are trekking together.

      You are more than welcome to join us.

      Feb 5th, kathmandu, thames hood. If you feel like it, we will meet there.

      More questions or info, here i am.


  4. Hey Antonio!

    I would like to join you. I’m in India now, going to Kathmandu tomorrow. Let’s meet!

    • Hey Jelena. Sure it would be awesome to meet there. I habe sent u an email too.
      Check your inbox.

      Namaste 🙂

  5. Hi Tono,
    I’m Cloud and I would like to have a trip from 10th or 11th Feb as well. I will arrive on 9th. So could we talk more about this trip?
    I trekked to some mountain about 3k meters and everything went well.
    About belongings, I think about hiring a porter to carry it so I would have relax time to enjoy there atmosphere and enjoy the trek.
    I hope to get your contact soon.
    Have a nice time.

    • Hello Cloud,
      My name is Dave. I am probably going to be flying to Lukla on Feb. 10th. Perhaps you would like to talk about your plans for EBC if you are interested? Please check out my profile. Even if you just want to exchange ideas on what to bring on the trip – or grab a bite to eat (in Thamel), I would like to talk. Thanks!

  6. I would be interested, but could we do also the gokyo lakes round?? anyone up for it?
    i’d like to leave around 5th feb!

    • Heya. I’ll leave ktm on feb 6th, either thru Jiri or airplane, havent decided yet, nost likely thru Jiri tho.
      I’ll be in ktm on feb 5th early morning, dont hesitate to contact me.


  7. Hey, I would also be interested in joining you guys for ebc trek from 5th February.

    I arrived today in Kathmandu and trekking with a group sounds like much more fun than with a guide alone 😉


    • Hey Kate.

      Glad I got a response.

      I have sent you an email with more info to wieser.katrin@gmail.com
      Check your inbox 😉

      If you dont get it let me know.

      And yes, that would be nice, I arrive to ktm feb 5th where we could meet.