Everest Base Camp Trek

I’m Chandra 32 years old from Indonesia.
My English isn‘t the best 😉 Often I travel with low budget.
I travel authentic and would like to be where the locals are and I‘m always open for new adventures.

I’m looking for a hiking partner (or several) to go to Everest Base Camp (if possible to go to Kala Patthar).

In Indonesia, I found 1 partner, she’s girl 30 years old.

Right now we not deciding yet using porter or not because we plant to reduce cost.

I will arrive in Kathmadu on February 10, 2018 and plan to take 15 days visa.
And plan to take flight to Lukla in the next day (Feb 11, 2018)

If you want to joint with us, you can contact me through email mbebadotz@yahoo.com




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  1. Hello Chandra!

    I have seen your post on trekkingpartner.com .

    I am willing to trek to ebc on around the same dates as you.

    I am adventurous , resourceful and reliable spanish 33 years old guy.

    I have done other trips in the past, for example last year I cycle with my MTB from croatia to turket, crossing 6 countries, just me, my bicycle and my tent.

    Nowadays I live in a camper van in the forest in a small spanish island, enjoying the nature.

    Reading your post I realized you are looking for the same kind of adventure, I have a low budget, I dont want to do the trek with a tour operator company but on the other hand a partner to trek in those conditions is very helpful, I want to know culture, local people, local villages and get to know himalayas.

    I am planning to fly to katmandú in the 8th of february so I will have time to get ready.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks, Antonio.

  2. Om Chan des Bln ini aj yok

    • Desember belum bersalju euy..