Everest Base Camp Trek

I would like to trek with positive fun people to Everest base camp in Nov. 2017.
Most likely to fly to Lukla.
I will be in Nepal as early as October to do some trekking around Annapurna, then fly up to Lukla for EBC.




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  1. Hey Nick.
    G’day from Australia .
    I am wanting to do both EBC and ABC around this time too. Haven’t done any trekking OS before. Was looking at the group packages but keen to look at trekking with someone who has trekking experience.
    Let me know your thoughts.
    Cheers Mel

    • Hi Mel
      Thank you for getting in touch Mel, I have not done trekking like this nor have I been to Nepa,l so lets stay in touch, compare notes and possibly meet in Nepal.

    • I m doing EBC trek from 2nd of NOV( fly to lukla) . Trek cost USD 1000 , package trip for 12 days

  2. Hello from Chicago. I would be down, assuming we meet each other’s expectations.

    • Hi Sanjay,
      All I know is I cannot expect anything from anybody:)
      I will be moving slowly and that is all I know.
      We have plenty time. Have you been to EBC before?

  3. Hi Nick, No, I haven’t been to EBC before. This would be my first time. I haven’t been to Nepal before either. I will email you my phone number, so we could talk further.

  4. Hey nick, I’m planing on trekking to EBC at that time too. I’ve done many hikes around Europe, Oceania and Asia, but so far not in Nepal. Let me know if you’re still looking for people to trek with. I’m around in Asia so i’m flexible with the dates.
    Greets , Carla

    • welcome to join, trek start from Kathmandu on 2nd of Nov, USD 1000 for package trip for 12 days

  5. Hey Nick! I was planning on heading out to trek EBC around the first week of November ( I’m hoping to make it to base camp for my birthday on the 14th) I’ve been doing quite a lot of research and was wondering if you’d like to compare notes. Hopefully our dates match up and be could trek together as well!
    Cheers and happy trekking!!!

    • Hey Guys,

      I am also planning for the EBC this November. Please let me know your itinerary so that if possible, we can team up together.

    • Hey Everybody,
      Sorry for delays in responding, I look forward to meeting all of you, thank you for getting in contact and sharing interest in getting a group together, please share any ideas you have to get together. I am aiming to be in Lukla Nov !st, I am flexible on exact trekking dates. Take care

    • welcome to join with me , start from 2nd Nov 2017 for 12 days hike ( ktm-ktm)

  6. Hello Nick,

    Greetings from Asia.. I’m planning for EBC-Gokyo lakes around the first week of November.. Currently a solo trekker and looking for trek buddies due to my partner had to pull out of our plans due to sudden unavoidable work.. Was wondering if I could tag along if the dates matches.. I just wana soak in the beauty of the Himalayas, so i too would be at a slow pace..Hope to hear from you..


    • Hello Ryan,
      Cool, I will be in Pokhara October first and put some time in Annapurna, then First week of November be in the ebc area, lets stay in touch and see if we can coordinate for some beautiful trekking.

  7. Hey, Nick. I’m planning an EBC trip around the same time and am interesting in finding a partner. I’m particularly keen on hanging out around Tengeboche for a day or two to take in the Mani Rimdu festival in early November. Let me know what your plans are maybe we can go together.

    • Hi Andrew
      I will research The festival you mentioned, and lets be in touch about EBC and see if we can meet early November. Thank you for getting in touch.

  8. Hey, I am also interested in doing this in early November. I’m happy to go the speed of the group (or I’ll try to keep up).

    If anyone else is still interested add me on facebook too and we’ll draft an itinerary: Matt Eckersley

    • Hi Matt
      Thank you for saying hey, looks like we can form a group and make this happen. I do not have Facebook but you can be in touch here even with private email.

  9. All,

    I’m interested too and have messaged a couple of you. Though I must admit I’m miles behind in planning/preparing this trip.

    Sorry to ask a dumb question, Nick – if you did get a few together or even one trekking partner how are you intending to do the walk? Use approximately the 16 day route that most people seem to advise? Are you planning on hiring porters/guides or carry all your stuff? Will you be booking tea-rooms in advance or are you camping?


  10. Hi Pete,
    yeah 16 days would be taking our time, 12 would be pushing it, no rush here, but I have been looking at the basic route not the longer ones? No guide, As far as a porter goes, that would be helpful and I believe individuals can choose, not everybody has to have a porter if somebody does. I believe we can find porters in Lukla and further up. I will no more about the tea houses and booking in advance after being in Nepal for awhile, not all the teahouses have pre-booking options but that would guarantee a bed, and possibly a little higher price, so have to figure that out. no camping unless forced. be in touch,

  11. Hey Nick

    I’m planning to trek EBC around the same time (first week of November) and am looking for some trekking partners. Would be great if we could share notes and line up days

    • I want to do same thing from 2nd of Nov for 12 days, you should join with me.

  12. Hi Nick,

    I get to Kathmandu October 26th and looking for trek partners to trek the EBC with. I did ABC two years ago. No need to book teahouses in advance.
    I would be happy to join you. I also want to take my time. Not interested in getting a porter or a guide. Done ABC on my own and loved it. It was pretty easy.

  13. Hey namaste I would like to join you but i will be in lukla at 3 Nov as I arrive in Katmandu on 1st Nov. I had experience trekking the Annapurna Base Camp trek.Hopefully we can trek together Nick.

  14. Hi. I booked a flight at the last minute! Arriving Oct 28 and would love to join a few people to do the EBC area! I am easy going and open to route changes.