Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi everyone,

Im looking for partners on the EBC trek for the beginning of October!

I have already bought my flight to Lukla on the 3rd of October, but I could wait there a little to make it fit your schedule, im somewhat flexible, im currently travelling 1 year around the globe 😉

Im from Canada, I speak English, French and can get around in Spasnish.
It will be my first visit to Nepal, but I have trekked quite a lot in South and North America and Europe in the past years.

I would love to have a group or at least somebody to go with! Contact me so we can make this happen !




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  1. Hi JP,
    I’ll arrive to Kathmandu October 1st and I have very similar plans as you. I’m in good physical condition and have some experience hiking in the Alps and in US, but Nepal will be my first time visiting.

    I’ll send you a PM and we can talk some more!


  2. Hi Jean-Philippe,

    I Will land in Katmandu end of september and planning on doing the EBC trek begining of october as well. I haven’t booked anything yet to get to Lukla. Do you know how you want to do this trek ?

    I’d be happy to join you on your trek if both of our routes turn out to be the same !


  3. Hey!!
    Im glad to hear from you guys!
    I just sent PM to both of you!!


  4. Hi guys
    I coming to kathmandu on 1st oct.
    Will apply for the permit asap
    Wonder have u book the tickets to Lukla ?

  5. Hey Jam! My ticket to Lukla is bought for the 3rd of October You can buy it online at http://www.taraair.com . would be glad if you could join!!

  6. Hi Jean-Philippe !! Me and my boyfriend are also in a 1 year world trip! We will arrive in Kathmandu on September 28th. We are also looking forward to make a group too. We intend to start at October 1st, but we are also flexible.

    We are both Brazilian, and besides Portuguese, we can speak English and Spanish. We have done some trails in South America too.
    I will send you a PM message.

    • Hey Luiza, i just sent you a PM. Cheers!

  7. Hi, I have something similar plan but not direct to EBC but via Gokyo crossing cho la pass and to EBC. I have done few trips Anapurna circuit crossing Thorangla pass, Lantang Gosaikunda and some other small route in Nepal. I am landing on September as well but will start on 3rd or 4th depending once I land in Nepal

  8. Hi!!!!!i,m Tania and at the moment i am in kathmandu also travelling without a deadline my idea is walk till lukla and from there start EBC around beginning october so i Would be really Happy to joing all of you!
    If someone Would like to walk from kathmandu till lukla let me know and we can prepare It!
    Have a good day!!!

    • Hi Tania! Just sent you a PM!

    • How long to walk from Kathmandu to Lukla?

  9. Hi
    I am planning for a trek to EBC in first week of October. I prefer to do it with some others but if I can’t I will do it solo. If you and other trek mates here are interested I would be glad to join you.

  10. Hi there! I Would really love be to join you guys! I have tickets booked and am arriving in Nepal on October 04, 2017 and am wanted my to start EBC October 06 or 07 (I am flexible!). I would love to have some company! Hit me up. I am also from Canada (Vancouver).

  11. Hey Jean-Philippe!

    I would love to join your crew if you have space! I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on Sep 30th, and have about 3-4 weeks for hiking. I’m in good shape and want to see some good sights towards EBC!

    Hope to talk soon.