Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi everyone,

Im looking for partners on the EBC trek for the beginning of October!

I have already bought my flight to Lukla on the 3rd of October, but I could wait there a little to make it fit your schedule, im somewhat flexible, im currently travelling 1 year around the globe 😉

Im from Canada, I speak English, French and can get around in Spasnish.
It will be my first visit to Nepal, but I have trekked quite a lot in South and North America and Europe in the past years.

I would love to have a group or at least somebody to go with! Contact me so we can make this happen !




3 replies
  1. Est-ce que tu pars le 3 septembre ou bien le 3 octobre?? Si c’est le 3 septembre, j’atterri à Kathmandu le 2 septembre et j’envisage peut être l’EBC!

  2. Hey Stéphane!
    Non c’est une erreur, c’est pour le mois d’octobre. Bon trek à toi en septembre!

  3. Ahhh too bad, je vais aussi le troisième September!