Everest Base Camp Trek

Looking for a trekking partner for the Everest Base Camp Trek,
I am from Canada, 37 years old. Did the Annapurna 2 years ago and clearly loved Nepal!
Departure / arrival to / from Lukla: Oct 2 / Oct 21
Think we have time to, and should include a side trek to this trip.
Interested in splitting cost for a guide or a single porter, not because it is necessary but to give someone a job for a few weeks.
Reasonable pace allowing to enjoy the scenery and Nepalese villages.
Let me know!



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  1. Hi Simon,

    My name is Hyekyung and I will arrive to Kathmandu on 29 September and am planning to fly to Lukla Oct 2. The duration of trekking I am considering is around 16-I8 days and I am planning to hire a guide or guide/porter. Please let me know if you would like to talk further!

    • Hi Hyekyung,
      sounds like this could work. The timing is perfect and we could split cost for a porter/guide. Arriving in Kathmandu Sept 30. So let’s meet then that day or the next?
      Where from in USA?
      Can’t wait!!

  2. Hey guys,

    I also arrive on the 29th of September and would be very interested in joining you both?

    I’m 24 from England, very flexible on the dates as I’ll have a months visa.

    Happy to slip the cost of the guide.

    Would love to talk further!


    • Hi Max,
      Sounds great. Still waiting for our friend to reply but hopefully she is in. Trekking the 3 of us would be fun.
      How about we meet in Katmandhu Sept 30 (or Oct 1st)?
      Already have my flight booked to Lukla for Oct 2. Are you good to start the trek on that day as well?
      Let me know!

    • Hi Max, Hi Simon!

      Awesome! That would be wonderful!

      Simon, I replied you via personal message , so we can discuss further via WhatsApp or email. We can create a WhatsApp group and discuss further?

      What time is your flight? I haven’t book the flight ticket and the earliest ticket available for now is at 9:30 am.

      Also I want to give you a heads up that my hiking pace is a bit slow and I do want to take it slow when I’m up there! Please feel free to let me know if you were planning to fly around up there!


  3. Hi Max and Hyekyung,
    Awesome!! I am also planning on taking it slow, and we can try to explain on whatsapp what we mean by ‘slow’ 🙂 Should be fine.
    My flight on Oct 2nd to Lukla: 1030am
    I will look later as to where that private message you sent ended up.
    For now, can both of you add me on whatsapp – (1)514-817-8388 and lets talk there if it’s easy (i will create the group once i have one of you added on the app)
    Cant wait!!!