Everest Base Camp Trek

First time in the Himalayas but I would still like to do this trek somewhat independent, without guides or porters, so as to have the liberty of taking sidetrips if I feel like it. Would be nice if someone likeminded would join me as a hiking buddy, though! I just put in my one months notice at work, so I will be doing my last day on February 28th and my plane leaves on the 9th of March, arriving in Kathmandu at 3 pm on the 10th. Write me a line!



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  1. Would be interested to trek with you but unfortunately I don;t get to KTM till the 17th of march. Wouldn;t be set to hike till a couple days after that. How set is your timeline?

    • Hi Kyle, sorry, I totes missed your reply here. I arrive in Ktm on the 10th. This date however is pretty set due to additional plans afterwards.
      Good luck!

  2. Hi,

    I have just messaged Mauro’s page- are you guys still up for another aspiring trekker? I am looking to take do things on the cheap and would really appreciate joining a good group.

    Thanks, John

    • Hi John! I decided not to join Mauro Since he is on a different schedule than I am.
      However I am still going ahead with the ebc-trek. Starting from Katmandu on the 10th. I arrive at 3pm and I plan to fly out to Lukla the same day if possible. Sounds good to you? If so, then you’re more than welcome to join me! Take it easy! // Jonathan

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    I’m also planning to do the Trek but the earliest starting date would be the 14th March, so Thats probably too Late for you isn’t it?