Everest Base Camp Trek

Namaste !

I am looking for partners to share and enjoy this experience of Everest Base Camp Trek. I would like to strat around the 2nd of June but I am quite flexible for the date 🙂 I would like to take a guide but I still don’t know for the porteur.



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  1. hey i am planning to do EBC on 26thh of may and i am going solo. if you wish to join do reply.
    thank you

    • Hello Yash, thank you for your message, but I would like to start the trek around 1st/2nd/3rd June, I can’t before because I work in Kathmandu.

  2. i am planning to reach kathmandu on 3rd june. and start trek on 4th from laklu. i am willing to cover gokyo ri also and i move at a moderate pace. if suits reply

    • Hello Manvir. I am also thinking about going to Gokyo lakes on the way to EBC too. Are you sure that you will start the trek on the 4th ? If yes, we can plan something together.

      Do you want a guide ? A porter ?

  3. yes i am pretty sure about starting on 4th . and about porter i am not sure that why we need them, Food is available everywhere sleeping bags can be rented, tents we don’t need. we only need a guide who can lead us the right way there are porters cum guide available and they charge around USD 23.24 per day. i searching for them

    • Yes just a guide is fine for me.

      Do you have facebook ? It would be easier to talk for the trek 🙂

  4. Yes my id is manvir singh bhambra and my contact numbe ris 9988231286… My trip is almost finalised whatsapp me or facebook me so we can talk abt the expenses

  5. Hi there, just wondering if you have finalised any plans? We are 2 (male & female) & arrive in Kathmandu 29th but need to get all clothes for trek as have nothing, so start of June is perfect for us, if you are still looking. Want to take steady pace and enjoy it as won’t be back again. Think we might get a porter as well (want to take photos) but happy to pay all cost for that & just split guide costs
    Let me know if you are still interested.

    • Hi Tina !

      So with another person, Marvin, we are planning to leave Kathmandu to Lukla on the 4th of June, so you have enough time I think to buy the things you need. Concerning our itinary, we would like to go to EBC and Gokyo Lakes (so wonderful, I am sure it worth it). Is it ok for you ? It would be nice to go all together, and it is also a good way to cut the costs 🙂

      What do you think ?

  6. Thanks for replying, 4th would be fine for us & we would like to do both also, we were thinking of going to lakes on the way back just in case we are not feeling well, as primary goal is to get to EBC and going to the lakes first adds an extra day.
    How long are you planning it will take you? We were thinking 15days but we don’t want to hold you guys up if you are thinking of doing it in less, but we want to take it steady.
    When will you be getting to Kathmandu? We want to take a guide for information & safety & I will also get a porter as I don’t want to have to carry anything other than my camera & water (but we will pay for him) Are you planning on using a guide? If so are you organising that when you get to Kathmandu or have you been in touch with some already? Have you booked your flights? Strangely today I can’t get any flights to come up for June, but I think that’s just a glitch as I’ve looked at costs before.
    Sorry for all the questions, just getting excited now. T

  7. Add me on Facebook, we will speak by messenger it will be easier : Anaelle Fsr

    I will answer your questions on messenger 🙂

    • I’ve requested you on FB. I only have an old account that I used for MA, so I come up as Tina London

  8. I’ve requested you on FB. I only have an old account that I used for my MA, so I come up as Tina London