Everest Base Camp Trek

I am planning to do EBC trek during Sept-17 (starting mostly during 1st week of sept-17). I will be travelling alone and looking for trekking partners.
Duration shall be around 13-14 days (from/to Kathmandu).
Will hire a guide as well.




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  1. Hi,
    I and my friend are also planning on the same date for this trek without any company but we have only 12 days(from/to Kathmandu). Secondly, if we go without any company then budget should not be more then $600 because in $800 we can easily hire any company.

    • Hi there,

      Have you decided what date you would be hiking yet?

      I am planning to fly to Kathmandu around the 5th. Would like to do it without a guide too

  2. Hi,
    I am plan for Everest Base cam from 3 or 4 of September 2017.
    going alone to reduce cost and now collect more information about trekking and maps …….

  3. Hi there,

    I am planning to do the same trip around your dates maybe slightly later 7/8th September. I would like to do without guide though. Are you hoping to book a guide when you get there?

  4. Hello!

    Are you all planning on going? I’m planning to fly into Kathmandu sometime between September 1st-5th and then trek into EBC. I’m solo so far but would be happy to join anyone else in a guided or guide-less trek, open to either.