Everest Base Camp Trek

Hey there,

I’m 29 and from Canada. I’m flying into Kathmandu on March 7th and am looking to not waste any time in heading out for a trek. I am very flexible as to where to go, I was browsing the website and the EBC seems like the best option but truthfully I plan to arrive and ask around for the best advice as to where to go to fit my wants. I will be in Nepal for 7-12 days depending on what I decide to do. Basically I want to have the best experience in the himalayas as possible in that time. I love hiking but really, I’m in it to take in the beauty of the mountains, so whatever option gives me that is what I want to do. I hike quite often in Canada but the elevations aren’t the same so while I would say I would hike a bit faster, I really want to take my time to enjoy the scenery and not rush things too much. I’m happy to go it alone as I’m really looking forward to the solitude and peace of the mountains but I also wouldn’t mind some company as well and it could be really fun to do it with a partner. I think I will stay with the teahouses as this will require less equipment/hassle on my end.

If any of this sounds like it could be a good fit for you then please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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