Everest Base Camp Trek

Hey guys,

I’m planning on trekking to EBC starting around the 10th of April for a couple of weeks and I’m looking for 1 or 2 like minded trekking partners.

I want to do it without a guide or porter so I think it’s probably a good idea to have someone with me in case of injury or illness etc. I’m also open to doing side treks on the way and being flexible with dates and duration to a degree. I fly home on the 29th of April.

I’m 22 from Australia and have been travelling since late 2016. If you’re interested, let me know – I promise I’m good company!

Cheers, Alex



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  1. Hi Alexander,

    how are you? I’m preparing myself for this trek, I’m arriving to Kathmandu on April 10th and have my fight back to Spain on Mai 3rd. I assume you will start earlier, however, I thought to text you and ask how is your preparation going, did you weigh already your trekking bag, etc.? And do you know how is the accommodation in the base cam, to spend the night there? Because so far I remember some people were going down to Gorak Shep for the night but is there an option to spend sleep in the base camp if not having own tent?

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Ana,
    I am open to leaving a day or two later if you are interested in joining in, it’s up to you. Email me at a.ph@live.com.au if you are 🙂
    As for my preparation, i have most things packed with me currently but will be buying some things closer to the time (eg. first aid, water purification tablets etc) so I’m not entirely sure how heavy my bag will be. I would be surprised if it was more than 15kg though.
    I’m not sure what my plan is for my nights/day at base camp, I’m open to staying at Gorak Shep or finding accommodation at the camp. This can be decided closer to the time.
    Cheers, Alex

  3. Hi Ana and Alexander
    I fly into Kathmandu on the 10th, getting permits and any last minute bits on the 11th, and flying to Lukla on the 12th and starting my trek that same day.
    I’m a 25y/o Kiwi-Brit, been living abroad for the last 5 years, and am just finishing up a year in Asia.
    I trekked Mt Kilimanjaro in 2016, and can’t wait to get on the trails again.
    Would love to connect with you both. I’ll email you Alex. Do you have an email Ann?

  4. Hej mate,

    I am planing to start EBC around 10th as well, doing it alone. If you want to buddy up lemme know.



  5. Hi Alexander
    I’m flying to lukla on April 10th & will be taking EBC route to labouche, at which point I’ll be heading for island peak. Let me know if you’re open to another person joining your group.
    Thanks darragh