Everest Base Camp Trek

I’ll be in Nepal from March 16th for about a month and I’m looking to do either the EBC (and Gokyo Lakes, potentially) or the AC trek. I’m planning to go without a guide or a porter, so it’d be cool to have company.

I’m a Canadian living in San Francisco. I’ve done a couple of high altitude hikes in Peru and I’m hoping to do a lot more this year. I also enjoy rock climbing and surfing. Let me know if you’re interested in teaming up and trekking together!



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  1. Hi there,
    I’m also thinking of doing the EBC trek in early March, but I’m skipping the flight to Lukla and potentially take the original route, from Jiri. Where you thinking of starting the trek from?


    • Hi Yudhir, I was going to fly to Lukla and start from there. I’d be open to the idea of starting from Jiri, but I’ll be on a 30-day visa and I’m hoping to leave some spare days for other things (Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, etc.). I just looked it up and it seems like starting from Jiri adds about 8 more days. Does that sound right?

  2. Hi Wooju,
    Doing the trek from Jiri should add about a week. But, you can fly back from Lukla to Kathmandu if you want to start from Jiri. That should take you about three weeks to complete the trek.

  3. I land in KAT on the 14th of march solo. Looking for a trekking partner/partners to team up with. More the merrier. I Have no time frame really so start date can be any date after I arrive and have a few days in KAT. I’m open to all suggestions of routes and places along the way. Get in touch

    • hey, still thinking about starting the next few days?

  4. Hi Wooju and everyone,

    I am Hung, I will be in Nepal on March 16 and will start the EBC trek from Lukla on March 18. I will do the trek independent and looking for another independent trekker to team up with. If anyone interesting please mess me, thank you.

  5. hey hey, I’m intending to start tomorrow or the day after, are you still intending to go for the trek? (and how many days do yoi want to go? Because I think I’ll do it without th Lake/ all the extra routes because I won’t have that much time either)

  6. so probably more 11-13 days I guess

    • Hallo Laura. Still Looking for someone? Wanna Do it without extra stuff too

  7. Me and hung are looking to leave for lukla on the 17/18th if anyone wants to join?

    • Hallo Aidan. Havel you made up your minds whether to go on 17 or 18? And are you in Lukla already?