Everest Base Camp Trek

Hello All!

I am planning a trek to the Everest Base Camp starting on October 20th in Lukla and am looking for some rad individuals to join me. My style of trek would be independent, easy-going and on a shoe string budget (I may even sleep in a tent instead of the tea houses). If your looking for good conversations, crazy shenanigans, and some excellent photos (I am a professional photographer) then give me a shout!

– Eric



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  1. Hello Eric, are you still looking for a partner? I’m also thinking of doing EBC in October. Please let me know if you need a partner.


    • Hello Yudhir! Sorry for the late response but I am still looking for trekking partners. I am still organizing the logistics for my trip but I should be in Lukla around October 20th (give or take a few days). If you are also in Lukla during that time I would be happy to trek with you!

  2. Hey Eric, thanks for the reply! Sounds good..I’ll email you in a few days.


  3. Hi Eric,

    I will be doing the Trek on similar dates. I’m arriving in Kathmandu on October 17th. If you are still looking for people to Trek with, I would be interested in talking to you further about trekking together.


    • Hi Matt!

      I would totally be happy to trek with you. I am expecting to be in Lukla on October 20th. However I will be trekking to Lukla so the dates may change depending on various circumstances. If we are in Lukla around the same time for sure lets trek together!

      The best way to reach me would be through email: esteele1@ualberta.ca

      P.S. I am from Calgary Alberta, which part of Canada are you from?

  4. Hi Eric,

    If you happen to get wifi, shoot me a message. I am planning to get to Lukla on October 19th and begin a Base Camp trek on the 19th or 20th. Let me know if your plans have changed or if you’re still looking for partners.