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Quick bit about me: my name is Kailey, I’m 25 and from Canada. I love hiking, camping, cycling, adventuring, traveling! In the few countries I’ve been lucky enough to visit, Nepal has been my #1. This will be my second visit. I have also done a small trek in Peru that reached a pretty modest 4000M.

I land in KTM early November and will be looking to do either the Annapurna Circuit. I hope to start trekking around the 6th or 7th from Kathmandu. Does anyone here have any experience with get to Besisahar from KTM?

As I am relatively short on time, I’m thinking Tillicho Lake and Poon Hill may be my opportunities for side trips during the trek. I am, however, totally open to other side trips (just need to be mindful of my time, etc).

This will be my second trip to Nepal and I’m so ready to return. I’m feeling well prepared this time around. I am in good health, good fitness, plan to carry my own pack (however, absolutely no qualms if you’re looking to hire a porter- creating jobs is a beautiful thing) and am not looking to rush. I like to take my time to both look around and stay safe. However, I don’t intend to drag my feet either. I’m sure the group will fall into a pace.

I am on the fence regarding hiring a guide. On one hand, the guides I met on my first trip to Nepal were absolutely incredible. I didn’t have one but the men I met along the way added an incredible dynamic to the party. On the other hand, I am confident that this can be done independantly and I would like to stay mindful of my budget (shoestring).

If anyone wants to chat more, just reply or shoot me a private message!

BTW, I met my last trekking partner on this site… worked out great!

Cheers from Canada 🙂



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  1. Hi Kailey!
    My name is Tayla and I’m from Australia. I’m an avid hiker as well I haven’t done anything as long as this hike but have done numerous overnight hikes in Australia and through my travels in Alaska. I’m looking to do the EBC trail as well and depending on my plans may be able to make it by the 6th of Nov. However my initial plans were around the 10th or 11th.
    It’d be great to hear from you!
    Have a good one

    • Hey Tayla! Yah, 10th or 11th could totally work- like I said, I have practically no plans thus far haha. I will PM you and we can exchange info, etc.

  2. Hi Kailey. I arrive in Nepal on the 3rd of November and looking to do a trek around the same time. I’ve been to Nepal before trekking Annapurna Base Camp. I don’t have a time frame either really as I’m around Asia for a while.

    Oh I’m from London, UK

    • Hey Chris,

      I noticed you’ve posted about doing the Annapurna Circuit and I have actually started leaning towards doing that instead of EBC (I’m not sure I want to spend the $300+ on a plane to Lukla and don’t really want to walk either..).

      Anyways, sounds like we have similar ideas in mind. I’ll PM you and we can chat more.

  3. Hi There. Did you find a travel buddy yet for this trip? I am in Nepal around the same time. I have put a post up today looking for a buddy or buddies if you want to have a look. I have done this trek before independently so no stranger to trekking. I am middle aged though so understand if you looking for someone younger.

  4. Hey Kailey,

    I’m also Canadian 🙂 I’m working on a Resort in the Maldives as a Scuba Diving instructor.

    Ill be hiking up to EBC and Gokyo Lakes around mid-November

    We should go together! Add me on Facebook: Carl-Philippe Rousse

  5. Hi Kailey,

    Are you still thinking to do 3 passes and EBC? My boyfriend and I are currently travelling and will be arriving in Nepal at the beginning of November and are looking for a group to join on the 3 passes trek.

    Clare (from London)

    • Hi Clare!

      I am looking to do the Annapurna Circuit now. If you end up changing your trek, let me know! I hope to start around the 6-7th.
      Take care and safe travels!!

  6. Hey Kailey,

    Ill be flying into Nepal on the 7th and would like to start trekking soon after. I’m indifferent to doing the EBC trek or the Annapurna circuit… so just send me a msg if you’re keen on another trekking buddy. Cheers!

    • Hey Harley, PM’d you!

  7. Hi Kailey.

    my name is Weronika and I’ m from Poland.
    I arrive to Kathmandu on the 8th of November and I like your trek idea – I would love to do EBC, Gokyo and maybe Kala Pattar as well. If you still looking for new buddies to your expedition, don’t hesitate to write me 🙂 I’m optimistic, witty person, volcano of energy, but also I know when to slow down and admire majesty of the nature.

    It would be great to hear form you,
    cheers from Warsaw!

  8. Hi Kailey,
    I’ll also be in Nov starting from early Nov and looking for a 14-18days trek. This is be my second time in Nepal, having spent some time in Pokhara last time for a 250km ultra marathron. I am open to hiring a guide for the group which I think adds to the overall experience. Anyways it’d be good to hear from you.

    • Hi Edward! Nice to hear from you! I am sending a PM 🙂

  9. Hi All, I am a professor from USA. I trekked last year and hope to again this year date not yet determined. I was able to find a couple of trekking partners using trekking I met up with them in Kathmandu. It was a great time. If you are looking for a company to provide assistance (guide and porter) I used Himalayan Recreation and was very pleased with the service. I would recommend them and would request their service again.

  10. Hi All again, Do to work, I will probably have to wait until March to trek in Nepal again. When I do I will contract with Bishnu at Himalayan Recreation and Trekking. I will update my plans as I formulate them. Best wished for a wonderful trek for you.

    • All the best, Alex!

  11. Hi Kailey,
    I will be arriving to Kathmandu on Nov 6th from San Francisco, and starting my EBC trekking on Nov 7th, with flight to Luka in the morning and maybe a side trip to Gokyo lake on the way. Either we can do the whole trail or first half together, that would be great. Please let me know your starting date and place once you decide 🙂

    I am self sufficient and pack light, in great physical shape, been to Tibet for some serious snow mountain climbing last year, well prepared for EBC this year, cheerful and responsible person to trek with.

  12. Hi Kailey,
    I’ll be doing the Annapurna circuit; leaving Kathmandu on Nov 6. I’ve posted my plans on the departure page. If you’re interested in hiking or heading off together, let me know.

  13. I shall be in Kathmandu for a week commencing 24th October/16. Could we meet for hangouts.


    Ajoy Medhi

  14. So many people on this thread! I figured i’d throw my name in there too. I arrive in KTM on Nov 5 and am looking to head out shortly after that (maybe Nov 7 – i have some flexibility). I’m planning to do the 3 passes trek and to do the walk in from Jiri. If that appeals to you, please contact me and maybe we can join forces.