Everest Base Camp Trek

Hello all!

I am planning to do the Everest Base Camp trek in October/Start November. I will arrive at Kathmandu on 11 october, and my departure flight is planned on 7th of November. I haven’t booked my flight to Lukla yet, so the starting day is flexible!

Are there some people who wants to join this Trek?

I would love to hear from you!




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  1. Hi Jelle,

    I am Mario, also going to Nepal in October….from 10th till 30th approximately…I cannot make it longer 🙁 I am gonna do the EBC trek but also gonna go to Gokyo Ri…so I would do a mix of both…I have already found a very good planning for the trek. Would be great to find some trekking buddies…I haven’t book my flights yet so I am flexible too. If you are interested let me know.


  2. Hi Jelle & Mario,

    I’m planning to arrive at Kathmandu on the 12th, although I haven’t booked flights yet, and am keen to join a group for the trek to EBC.

    I’ve also heard the Gokyo Ri trek has better views, so if we could do a combination that would be amazing!

    There is another post on here from 2 or 3 people (under the name filip) who want to go around the same time. Could make for a pretty decent size group 🙂


    • the 12th of October to clarify that

  3. Hi Mario & Caroline!

    That would be awesome! I didn’t know that Gokyo Ri is a good combination with th EBC trek, but i would love to combine them! Please let me know when you both booked your flights!!

    Do you know some good recommendations for hostels in Kathmandu?


  4. Hi Jelle and Caroline,

    As I said I am thinking about doing a mix of the EBC and Gokyo trek…..this trail takes about 14/15 days…includes everything….Kala Pattar, EBC, Gokyo Ri…less crowded and better scenery if we include Gokyo. I was thinking about flying to Lukla on 12th and being back in Katmandu on 26th, after that spending a couple of days to visit katmandu…so I would arrive in Nepal on 11th and flying back on 30th more or less. Tell me if this kind of trip would be ok for you guys…I would like to stay in Nepal more days but I must make it “short” cause I don’t have more days on holiday.

  5. Sounds cool, i would love to see it all! Hopefully it’s not too much in that amount of time….. I’m going to think about it 😉

  6. That sounds great Mario! It would be good to know more about the exact route/itinerary?

    Also, I’ll redirect the other thread looking to go around October here in case they’re also keen 🙂

  7. Yes! It would be really helpful what the exact route will be.. Do you have recieved some replies from other guys/girls Caroline? If you both agree, i would love to do the 2 week trek with you guys!

    • It would be really helpful to know what the exact route will be*

  8. Hello all,

    I am also looking at going to the EBC trek and/or the three passes (which would build in gokyo ri) around the same time. Originally I budgeted about 20 days for a trek, sometime between the 3rd of october and 11th of november. Don’t mean to impose on this group either! but thought i’d drop a line!

  9. Hey Jelle,

    I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the same date and am also planning to do the EBC trek! Like Caroline I heard that the EBC trek in combination with Gokyo Ri is supposed to be very nice and with stunning views. I will be for about a month in Nepal, therefor I am pretty flexible with the starting date.

    If you are still planning on doing this and don’t mind an extra person in the group let me know!

  10. Hello Nic and Bernard,

    There’s no specific plan and/or group yet, so you’re both welcome to join! I will arrive at Kathmandu on 11 october and i’ve booked my first 2 nights in a hostel there. I guess it’s a good plan to create a plan from that point!

  11. Cool!

    Good to hear. I will book a hostel there aswell and we can keep in touch about it. Probably a good idea to acclimatise a bit in Kathmandu first anyways.

  12. Hey all!
    I’m starting Annapurna circuit tomorrow and should be done by October 7th and wanted to do ebc. I have to be in nuwakot on November 2nd but have no other time restrictions. I would love to join if possible!

  13. Hello Hilly,

    Bernard and I have planned to meet in Kathmandu after we arrived. From that point we’re going to plan what to do. You’re more then welcome if you want to join.

    • Hey Jelle!
      Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I’ll probably get to Kathmandu on the 10th and can meet you there! I’m about to have limited internet so easiest way to contact me is Facebook: my name is Hilly Montague and I’m the only one with that name so easy to find! Let me know any plans for booking flights 🙂 thanks!

  14. Hello.
    When you flight to Lukla from KTM? Marian

  15. Hey all!

    Very interested in meeting up for this trek! I am flexible on all counts. Could be in Kathmandu on the 11-12th. I’m very easygoing and pretty independent. Would love to start with a group of people to make the logistics/ permits/guide stuff easier, but may go off on my own a bit on the trail. Still would love to have a group out there just in case. It sounds like the perfect route! Would love to join. Let me know.