Everest Base Camp Trek


Me and my best friend both university students will be doing Mt Everest base camp around the 20th of jan-5th of Feb. We have both done alot of research and have decided that we will be doing it without a tour. We would also may hire a guild/porter.

We realize that this time of year is winter but it also has fantastic weather and dressing warmly should be able to conquer this. By skipping out on a tour of 1600$ for 14 days that does not include food. we have estimated the trip to cost $500-$700 for food,shelter and permits. This estimation is on the high side and we doubt that it will come close to this.

I am a paramedic student in my last year and feel confident that I will be able to recognize signs and symptoms associated with altitude sickness. SOOOO the real question is who would like to join us for a trip of a lifetime with two crazy fun Australian girls



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  1. hi

    i have would like to join, i have been to EBS one. and would like to do it again

  2. hello,
    i advise you .. dec & jan is not suitable for trekkking over himalayas..its too heavy snowfall..so, better trek in feb…

  3. Hi Megan,I have also done in winter many times.You can do it but obviously it gonna be quite cold and might get ice/snow.So make sure you have nice trekking equipment.Definitely you might need at least Guide/porter because of winter and safety.If you need any assist please feel free to email in trekkingguideinnepal atyahoodotcom,I will let you know all detail information and also I can arrange you all ticket/permit/tims card/Guide/Porter etc.So now it is on your hand how special & safety holiday do you wanna organize in Nepal?Good Luck!!Raj

  4. Hi Meagan,
    The trip is definitely worth the views, I did it last April. But as Prabek said, Jan & Feb is not the right time. If you check the various websites, you will see that they recommend the periods between March and May and then Oct.-Nov. (colder than the previous one, but much clearer sky). Just be careful if you go ahead with it.
    Also, you don;t really need a guide, but definitely a porter, as the trek to the BC is so popular that you will not get lost at all; just buy a good map and follow the other people.

  5. Go for it! January is the most quiet month, it’s fantastic. All you need is a really warm sleeping bag, (I had -10°C in my room at night) and a good down jacket. Go slowly so you get used not only to the altitude but also to the cold, don’t forget to eat well. I don’t know how is this year’s winter, but I did it last January, I had snow but not really a problem if you stay on the main trails. If you want to do the three passes, better get snow spikes from KTM. I come back to ktm this week, but I ll do smt different this time. Good luck.