Everest base camp + island peak

I’m a 24 year old danish guy who’s looking for some trekking partners.
I haven’t got any fixed plans yet but would like to do the Everest base camp trek starting from Jiri and maybe also Island Peak. I will be back in Kathmandu from the Manaslu circuit the 3-4th of november and was thinking about starting the trek from Jiri the 7th of november but I’m flexible.

I have around 21 days and am looking for some trekking partner(s), because hiking alone is not safe and it would be a fun experience to do with someone. I don’t expect to race to the top but spent more time enjoying the trek and the views itself. I don´t want to hire guide, because it is not necessary. Just for Island Peak, if I will go there.



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  1. Hi Frederik,
    I would possibly be interested in joining your trekking group if you are still planning to go for this trip? I would be able to start about Nov.8-10, after a bit of time to get adjusted to the new timezone?

    • Hey Wayne.. sorry for the late reply – just got back from manaslu! Sounds cool.. so far I’ve contacted Chris (if you can see his message??) and trying to get a time and date in place.. still interested?

  2. My buddy and I will be in Katmandu October 27-December 1st and are planning a trek around this area with a climb of Island Peak – beginning the journey from Jiri as well.

    • Hey Chris.. when are you guys planning to head out? i just got back from the Manaslu trek so sorry for the late reply!

  3. Hi Wayne and Chris.. If you’re all in Kathmandu maybe we should meet tomorrow (monday 3. nov.) and talk about the trek and see if we match? I’m available all day but can you meet at Mandela street at the Or2k restaurant at 15.00? sorry for the short notice. let me know if you can’t make it.

    • My flight will arrive nov4 evening could maybe meet you nov5? I noted some companies allow you to hire the guide up near chhuking so you can trek in yourself and then attend only the climb before continuing on yourself for the rest of the trek. It seems you’d have to carry the mountaineering gear but maybe not the tent and such for basecamp as they appear to have one there that is continually reused as climbers arrive.

  4. Hi,

    I just arrived to Kathmandu and wanna do EBC. I’m planning to fly to Lukla and go for EBC . Also wanna see Gokyo Lake. So what are yourplans currently? I can start any day.