Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Trek

Trekking to EBC/Gokyo to raise money for charity. Happy to join with others this time!



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  1. Hey I am planning on going to Everest Base camp with a guide leaving the 10th/11th would love to have someone to join with. Are you in Nepal already? We could meet for a beer before hand? 7pm at Kathmandu guest house tonight I will be there. Loretta

    • Hi Loretta,

      I arrive in Nepal tomorrow around 4pm local time (currently going through a monster 12 hour wait in Heathrow!). Staying at the Alobar1000 hostel.

      Would be great to meet up for a beer and talk about plans re Everest. Would you be free wednesday or Thursday?

      All the best,

  2. I am also staying at aloobar. Hope to see you there this arvo

    • Hi both. I’m attempting to round up a group to hike from Jiri to EBC, then maybe to Tokyo and back to Lukla. I’ve spent the day gettin all sorts of quotes for porters/guides etc and info on trying without them. If you are interested in this longer trek (it starts with a 5/6 day walk to Lukla so about 22-25 days in total. If not, would be tempted by just the EBC.

      I’m in Kathmandu now so could meet you guys for a beer tomorrow?

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I’d definitely be interested in working something out 🙂 see my response below to Will!
      All the best,

  3. Hi all,

    Planning on leaving Kathmandu on 13th, getting the 6.30am bus to Jiri and walking EBC via Gokyo back to Lukla for the 1st (20 days). Just got a guide/porter at the moment, $20/day. Let me now if your interested.


    • Hey Will (and Liam and Loretta if you haven’t left yet!),
      I arrive in Kathmandu later today, your plans sound pretty much in line with what I was thinking. Would you like to meet up in the next few days for a drink and we can have a chat?

    • Hi all – will, mariel (and Liam/Loretta if you are here and interested in trek from Jiri…!)

      This sounds like it could work. As I know everyone will be on and off wifi today, can I suggest we all meet at New Orleans cafe this evening at 5pm if all else fails? I will be wearing a pink scarf and will try to get a table in the main courtyard. I’m also stupidly tall if that helps to spot me! Does that work?

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I am so sorry, 17:00 will be a bit difficult for me. I hope you are not there for nothing now… Could we maybe meet tomorrow? Same time same place? We could also meet earlier if you like.
      I hope this still reaches you on time!

    • Hi Mariel – I am here but not to worry, I was in desperate need of a sit down! I am going to chitwan tomorrow until the 12th ao afraid I cant meet tomorrow. Can u just give me your email and I’ll set up a email group with you and will. We are definitely going on the 13th so we can just meet up when will arrives on the 12th if you are definitely in. A few things we need to sort about porters/bus/permits but lets pick up in email. PM me with your email 🙂

  4. Hey guys,

    I’m in Kathmandu now and plan to leave Saturday. Lack of Internet access is annoying but will meet tomorrow if anyone is still free?

    • Hey guys, i am heading out tomorrow with a guide. Hope to see you guys up there! Liam
      I didn’t see you at the hostel again. Hope
      To see you at namche bazaar, i want to sponsor your charity