Everest Base Camp + Gokyo lakes

Hi There! I’m Andrea, I’m 22 (Male) from Italy.. I’m not a hardcore hiking person or anything like that, just an enthusiast but I’ve a good level of fitness right now.
I’m extremely open minded and I can adapt to different cultures and situation well.

So, getting to the point!! I’ll be in Kathmandu May 12th and I’d like to fly to lukla the next day or so. I was planning to get to the EBC passing thru the Gokyo lakes, but I’m open to any suggestion to change in intenerary!!
It should takes around 18 days 🙂

I was planning on carry my own gear, I’d feel like cheating using a porter! but you could definitly go for it if you feel like it!! I won’t judge

P.S. I’m a photographer (or at least I pretend to be one eheh) so I’ll stop for pictures some times!



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  1. Hey, I would be interested to join you and hope we could name it in time. I have got the same feeling in relation to a porter although I am going to bring a big sized cam anyway.

    Would you go for 3 pass as well? Is good to combinate with Gokyo Valley. 😉

    You liked to share a guide? Though I don’t have experiences with hiking in such regions..

    Looking forward to listen from you guy 😉

  2. Hey guys!

    Just arrived in kathmandu and also planning to do the EBC + gokyo. Is there any chance to meet up with you? Unfortunately I have to
    buy some gear tomorrow before I could departure to Lukla.

    Do you already have booked a

    (Bringing also a big camera but I would say I’m more like a hobby photographer 😉

    Looking forward to hear from you!


  3. Definitely.. I’ve to shop too today ! And yeah my camera it’s heavy too.. I used to do weddings before I decided to drop everything and travels :b Add me on Facebook so we can talk :b Andrea07pr@gmail.com