Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Im an experienced trekker from the Lake District, England. Looking to trek Everest 3 passes route and/or Annapurna circuit and sanctuary this Oct/Nov. Would like to find some like minded people to join me!! Looking to do it all independently. Have hiked plenty at altitude in Peru.



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  1. Hey Janie,

    I’m Terry from Australia!

    I’d be interested in trekking this with you. I was thinking of doing both Everest 3 Pass and Annapurna Circuit. I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 28th Of September. I have no time limit, was going to just get maps and find the way.

    I haven’t done much trekking at alitude,I have done a lot of lower lever volcano’s and I’m so excited for the challenge!

    Please do contact me if you’d be interested.

    • Hi Terry have you had a reply from Janie?


  2. Hi Janie I’m arriving in Kathmandu on 2nd October for 2 months. I am going to do the Everest 3 passes. I hadn’t thought about about any other treks yet,but I have plenty of time. I also am on a budget and would like to do things independently.
    I did the Annapurna base camp 20 years ago and have always wanted to get back to that part of the world. I’m already in training for this one.
    Let me know your thoughts.

    • Hello Reece,

      I am Dennis from India.
      I am also planning 3 passes trek in the beginning of October. I am planning to do myself and looking for some company. I have flexible dates. Please reply if anybody interested. Thank you.

  3. I prefer to organize with an agency (www.viaggiaconcarlo.com) but at the moment I’m alone. Depart approximately beginning of october until the end of october

    • Why would I book a Nepal trek with an Italian agency?

  4. Trekking the three pass route from 16 Sept

    • They have an agency in ktmnd with nepali people

  5. Again, why would I pay an Italian agency for a trek in Nepal. So they can skim $ before they engage a Nepal agency as per Nepal law? Why pay a middle man?

  6. Hello Friends,

    I am Dennis from India.
    I am also planning 3 passes trek in the beginning of October. I am planning to do myself and looking for some company. I have flexible dates. Please reply if anybody interested. Thank you.

    • Hi dennis, keep us in contact, i would trek the same in the same period.

    • Hey Dennis, I’ve a similar plan. Maybe we can work out date and time and see if it could work out.
      When would u be in Nepal ?

  7. Hello guys,
    I`m Gustavo, 27, from Brazil, going to Kathmandu on Sept 28 with my girlfriend and we are planning to buy tickets to Lukla on october 1st, starting the trail that day. We want to go to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes. We are good physical condition and have some experience hiking in South America, but will be our first time in Nepal.
    We are very easy going on a budget trip, looking for a group to join and share good experiences. Anyone with the same planes?

    Cheers and peace.

    • Hi all,
      I’m Donal from Ireland, I’m currently in Kathmandu and I fly to Lukla tomorrow (Friday 29th of September). I’m looking to either head up to the Gokyo Lakes and Summit Gokyo Ri. I am also definitely Keen to do the full Three Passes loop over 20ish days (also open to extending to Base Camp) if can find partners to go with. I’d be open to getting a guide also and would find one in Lukla or Namche Bazaar. Please let me know if you’d like to meet up!
      I work in wildlife conservation and have done a few high altitude passes and summits in Peru (4760m) and Ecuador (5126m). And plenty backpacking in the US and NZ.
      All the best,

  8. Hey, I’m kush from Nepal. I’m planning to do a 3 passes + ebc trek starting on the very day with a challenging but an organized schedule of 11 days. Contact if you wanna go together. I could be sort of a guide as well since I’m a Nepali.

  9. Hey Guys,

    I’m planning on doing the 3 passes trek starting in the beginning of September. But I want to start from Jiri and take my time on the trek to do side trip (Gokyo Ri, Sacred Lakes, Kala patar, Everest base camp and Chukuung Ri)
    It would be my first trek in Nepal and in high altitude. I’ve got plenty of trekking experience mainly in New Zealand.
    I would feel more confident doing this trek with a group of people and it would be much nicer to have company while hiking !

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  11. Anyone interested in something a little more adventurous should consider sherapani col trek linking the three passes trek with Makalu base camp trek by way of a couple 6000 m passes. I’m currently in Kathmandu with my gf arranging the specifics. Check out my post for more details

  12. Hi Janie and other fellow travellers !
    I’m Chen:)
    I’m currently in Kathmandu, planning to fly to lukala around october 3rd for the three passes trek. I have flenty of time (till end of november) so im quite flexible with the itinerary. I have expirence in trekking (including altitude in south america) , and would love to find great people to share the journey with !
    Pm me if you might be intersted 🙂