Everest Base Camp Trek + 3 passes??

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We have 2 confirmed flying to Lukla 7:45 March 4th:
Cheers Harry

Plan to do EBC and Annapurna back to back to make the most of the snow while it lasts.


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  1. Personal expences maybe $10 – $15 per day

  2. I did Annapurna last year (picked up an awful stomach bug, but handled the altitude well) and figured I may head back to Nepal since I’ll be in Asia for at least the next few months. If I do go to Nepal, I’ll probably head to Chitwan and/or Bardia NP in February, but Three Passes is definitely on my list, so I may be up for sticking around Nepal and joining you in March.

    Were you thinking of trekking to Lukla from Jiri or something?

    • My last 2 buddies needed to fly due to time issues – it’s an amazing experience to land at Lukla but I’ve not gone from Juri so that might be something different to try.
      Do you have a preference?

    • I’m not sure I do have a preference. Flying into Lukla sounds cool, but I could probably settle for just flying out after the trek if I were to start at Jiri. I’m not sure how easy it is to get to Jiri, though.

  3. Hey Tina

    Annapurna Circuit in March was breathtaking in 2015 fresh snow everywhere and almost no sign of trekkers.

    What time of year did you trek Annapurna?

    • I trekked in May (’16). I’m pretty sure the only snow I saw was while going over the pass!

  4. Trekking both Annapurna and EBC would be wild – but I’m not up for rushing through 2 of the world’s top 10 treks. Might need to get to Nepal late Feb to fit it all in lmao

  5. Hi Happy!
    Would you check my inquiry we have already things in common!
    How long are you planning to spend for the trekking? I would love to join since this is my first time in Nepal and would love to go without a guide.

  6. Hi all, I’m planning on doing the EBC trek and the three passes, but I’m skipping the flight to Lukla and starting the trek from Jiri. I’m flexible on dates, since I live in Pokhara, Nepal now but would like to start the trek on early March. I would love to have a partner to share this experience with.


  7. Confirmed
    2 people flying 6am to Lukla March 4th