Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

I’m arriving in Nepal around December 4th and will be in the area about a month. I’m flexible as to where and when though it would be ideal if I could be out exploring most of the time! I listed the EBC as I needed to put something but I am open to anything, this will be my first time in Nepal.

I’d like to get a bit off the beaten track and I’ll be prepared for some nights living out of a tent (though I think there will be some nights at teahouses as well, especially at lower elevations). If I find a like minded partner I’d also be interested in trying to summit a smaller peak or two. I’ve spent plenty of time climbing and backpacking, including in the cold, though limited above 4000m.

Weather will likely dictate what passes are passable, and I’m definitely open to last minute changes!

Update: I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu, send me a message if you’re interested and around!



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