Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Hey all! I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on November 2nd and plan to begin my trek to Everest Base Camp around the 6th….although this is flexible. I definitely want to include Gokyo Lakes and am considering the Three Passes too. Still a little undecided 🙂

I’m hoping to do the trip as cheap as possible, maybe with the help of a porter-guide if doing the Three Passes.

I’m a 28 year old Irish girl who has a little experience with trekking at altitude and is reasonably fit. Want to take my time on this trip, enjoy the view and snap lots of pictures 🙂

If anyone has similar plans and wants to team up, let me know. Even if it’s just to check in at the end of the day, for safety. Open to suggestions. Thanks!



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  1. Hi Ciara,
    It looks like our great minds think alike, i have been looking for a partner doing the same route EBC plus Gokyo, and three passes possibly dependent on weather condition. I want to start my EBC trekking on Nov 7th from Lukla, I will be flying from Kathmandu to Lukla for the sake of time saving, I have limited time off work for this trip 🙁 but we can definitely meet you in Lukla if you don’t wanna fly.
    I am 28, from San Francisco, has enough trekking , backpacking experience to make me comfortable doing all this by myself, in great fitness level, have been training this year for the trip. I am not opposed to hiring a guide for peace of mind, but i am definitely cool without one too.
    Please ping me if you think our travel preference is similar, would like to team up and do the EBC together 🙂

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for the reply! Sounds like we’re definitely on the same page, great stuff 🙂 Id be happy to team up with you for EBC & Gokyo….and Three Passes (weather dependent!) Is there a social network or email address I can maybe contact you on? Cheers! Ciara 🙂

  2. Would like to trek to three passes, Gokyo lakes & EBC. Planning to start from Jiri / Shivalaya & want to team up with independent group.

  3. hi ciara,

    i replied to this yesterday but am not sure if it got delivered – i think my internet was wonky. I’m interested in doing the 3 passes trek starting in jiri. is this part of your plan? it’s my 3rd trek in nepal and i started in jiri once before and the lowlands are a great introduction (and workout) to get ready for the trails that await. i’d really like to find a nice group to walk with because the more the merrier!

  4. Hello! Is this still your plan Ciara or Sophie? If so, I would love to see if we could coordinate! I’m Amy, from San Francisco and have trekked before and traveled often. Let me know if you have made any plans and what you are thinking.

    Cheers and hope to hear from you,

  5. hi guys! just decided to visit EBC after having done Annapurna Cicuit n ABC with a porter guide – was fantastic! I fly into Lukla on 7th Nov morning and was looking to accompany a nice group for several days as I must return 19th Nov. u guys starting around 7th in Lukla and could I join? tks,