Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

I’m heading to Kathmandu, arriving April 3 and plan to spend two to three weeks trekking from Phaplu up to Gokyo area and then maybe across Cho La pass toward EBC.

I plan to hire a guide that is familiar with the region and can offer interesting narrative along the way as well as recommend optional side hikes/sites to visit during the trek.

Anyone want to join or meet along the way?



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  1. Hello Bruce,

    I’m currently living in Nepal for 3 months and your trek plan may interest me: Going to Salleri with a jeep, trekking to EBC and Gokyo lakes, taking a flight to Katmandou.

    How much would it cost to go to Salleri with a jeep?

    • Hi Tony –

      I haven’t been able to find current cost of the jeep ride. At this point I’m considering a different option of flying to Phaplu instead (about $150ish?), visit Junbesi/Thupten Choling Monastery, then trek to Ringmu and on up to Namche, etc. I will arrive late evening April 2, spend a day or two in Kathmandu, then head out from there.

    • A jeep ride to Salleri from Kathmandu is around 18-20$. The jeep leaves Koteshwor (south of airport) at 6:30 am and usually reach Salleri at 3-4pm. I’m planning to take the jeep sometime on 3-5th April (haven’t finalized the itinerary yet) and start the EBC trek from there. PM me if anyone want to join.

    • I’ll probably take the Jeep ride the morning of April 5 – could meet up April 4 if you want to. Was looking into flying to Phaplu, but the flight schedule sounds uncertain. Is arriving in Salleri at 3-4pm realistic? I have heard to expect arriving much later? Thanks!

    • Bruce & Tony, I have had engineer friends working in Solu Hydropower who go upto that area quiet often; found a way to reserve the jeep earlier (16$ each). I’ll message you guys with further details.

  2. Hi!
    I have confirmed my arrival at KTM the next 2nd April and I am organizing my flights to Lukla the 4th April. I want to make Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek in 14th days with 2 acclimation days and back to KTM the 18th April to make some tourism in Katmandu and Chitwan.

    • Hi Diego – sounds like a good plan. I’ll be arriving late evening 2 April and spending a day or to in Kathmandu. I’m going to start lower in the valley from Lukla – probably Phaplu – and spend a little extra time trekking up to Namche. Hope you have a good trip – message me if you want to meet up in Kathmandu on 3 April..