Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Me and a friend are doing the EBC and Gokyo lakes starting on 12/02/2016 from Lukla and back on 26/02/2016 to Lukla. The dates are fixed as our international tickets are booked. We are doing it without guide or porters. First leg will be Lukla to EBC and then carry onto Gokyo lakes via Cho La Pass (Anti-Clockwise) If interested, get in touch. I’ve been to Nepal in Oct 2015 for a trek hence have some past experience in the region.

Thanks, Abi



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  1. Hello Abhishek!

    Im 25 and will be my first time in Nepal at begging of Feb. My budget is very tight, so Im really considering go without a guide/ porter as well, but at least with someone else. The only thing is that I have to leave ktm around 23th feb, so I was planning start on the first week (although the very cold weather).

    what do you think? cheers!

    • Hi Leonardo! Am in a similar position on the budget as you are 🙂 Seems absolutely alright with me except the weather which would get really cold! Anyways am sure that’s something that can be worked. So basically you need to finish the hike before 23rd Feb, is that correct? I was in Nepal in Oct 2015 and feel very comfortable with the place and can speak Hindi which Nepalis generally do understand.

  2. Actually I checked, and to me more precise, my flight is 25th from Kathmandu. So I have until 24th to get there. Yes, unfortunately I have to leave at this date.
    But, the lowest temperatures is during nights and early mornings. I think we can resolve this planning well and guarantee tea houses nights! We will be saved! 🙂
    (during the day, we get around +15oC)!
    Thats awesome man! Beyond you already have been there, this communication with Nepalis will help a lot!

  3. When are you planning arrive in Kathmandu?

    • I am pretty flexible with the dates and won’t mind the cold (to reap the benefits of lesser crowds and great views) I think we can materialize this trek together. Just some more information about myself: Very easy going, have an attitude of ‘If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter’, not cranky about the food, accommodation or stinky clothes in that case 🙂 and great to be around with. Am looking for a partner with similar mindset and who doesn’t bother about petty things.
      Would be eager to hear from you and hopefully we can take this further!

  4. Abi, Im thinking that we can meet for this treek as well!
    Thanks for reforging your flexibility about dates! this is important to me due to my tight time in Nepal. I appreciate it!
    We have very features in common. Easy going and very flexible. Dont care about this thinks as well. The most important think will be the unique experience trekking, the own overcome and enjoy the landscape!
    If we continues with this, you will see a very respectful and cooperate partner! help each other will be essential for complete this!
    Just a resume about me. I have been living in Australia for almost three years. Im backing home to Brazil and before this I going to backpacker for India/Nepal for almost two months.

    • Am glad to know that we share similar thoughts and we can communicate further on e-mails. I’ll drop you a test e-mail and we can continue the communication. I was hiking with a group of 10 Australians the last time I was in Nepal, made some lifetime friends 🙂

  5. if you prefer, lets continuous our communication by email.


  6. Im keen to stay in touch! maybe I could join you! Ill be in nepal for three months, so I’m super flexible!

    • Hey Danielle! ME and Leonardo have fixed the dates for EBC and Gokyo. Trek would start on 12th Feb and expected to end on 26th Feb, we’ve booked our tickets as well. If it seems interesting to you, let me know and I can share our itineraries over e-mail. Thanks, Abi

  7. Hey Abi, I will be in nepal by that time so I can meet you on the 11th . please keep me in the loop!

    • Hey Danielle, can you please share you email id with me and we can further communicate via emails.

  8. Hi Abhishek,
    I’m going to be in Nepal in February and have my heart set on the Everest Base Camp trek. I’d love the freedom of going independently (plus I’m travelling on a very tight budget) but have no experience so can’t really go alone. It would be great if I could join you guys! I’m very easy going and easy to get along with – I can cope with a bit of hardship, cold etc. The amazing scenery and experience is enough for me 🙂 hope to hear from you!

  9. Hi Robyn,
    We all are on tight budgets 😉 You could surely join us! Would be great if you drop me a private message with your e-mail id and I can share with you what we intend on doing and am sure you’ll be having lots of questions (being it your first time in Nepal) where I can help you with.

  10. Dear Abi ,

    Please share your planning with me … i mean the budgeting part. Because i like to try the same between September – November 2016. Kindly share your experience . I’m thinking trek to EBC cost between $1500 – $2500 with Guide and porters.

    Please PM me your email id

    Thank you

    • Hey Gokul, pricing as mentioned below (All in USD and approximately)

      Kathmandu-Lukla flights: 330 return, around 210 if Indian national
      Permits: 50
      Food: 5-7 per meal
      Stay: 2-4
      Guide/Porters: Not very sure, check this on lonelyplanet, tripadvisor, etc.

      This is what I can think of now, e-mail me if you need any further information.

  11. Thank you Abi. do you me favor please. Kindly upload your finished trip on Trekkingpartners.com

    thanks again!

  12. Hello,
    Raul from Spain here. First time in Nepal but walking and running in Mountains for years.
    I want to start my first trek in Nepal from Jiri, and in Namche move to the Three Passes Trek clockwise. Have not decided about fliying back from Lukla or other options.
    I am flexible with dates and also with days during the trek. Perhaps I can catch you in Lukla.

    I will move in March to Lantang and Annapurnas region also to continue with other trekkings till first days of April.

  13. Hello Abi, can I join you from Lukla on 12th Feb. I am in KTM now. how can I contact you.