Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek (3 passes)


I already have a guide and porter, but wanted to see if anyone else would like to join!??
My plan is to trek all three passes in ~20 days, nice and slow.

I’m Chinese-American from California, and age 34.
I’m an avid traveler, photographer, and foodie!

Here is my Couchsurfing profile to learn more about me:

Cheers =)



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  1. Hi Tony
    I have same same intynerari but i start day after.you allready booked the guide?
    Let me know

  2. Hi Diego,

    Yes, I already have a guide. I don’t have a set date for the trek, so if you want to join we still can.

  3. Hi Tony …
    Some info for me..you take a fly to lukla??i did ebc 10years ago and this time i whant jump the trail from jiri to lukla and spend more days in montains.guide are professional?how much for a day?

  4. Yes, I will fly from Katmandu to Lukla.
    Maybe we can meet in Namchee?
    I’m not sure how much per day is the guide since I’m paying one price for everything. IE: meals, flights, teahouse, etc…

  5. Hi, Tony, last minute I realise! But if possible I would be interested in joining this trip. In Kathmandu just now so could easily organise a flight for the start date. If you get this message in time then please let me know. Cheers, adam.

  6. Hey Adam,

    I’m actually at the airport now heading to HK first, and then to KTM. I will be in Katmandu the night of Oct. 20th. We could meet in Katmandu if you’re still up for the trek.

  7. Hi Tony,

    The trek sounds great and Id like to join, I am due to fly out of nepal on the 9th which is 20 days from the 21st. Im in KTM now, Would you be open to shortening the trek by 1 day? If not I am sure I can tag along with someone coming down to lukla on the way back.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  8. Hi Tony, I would be keen to go with other people if possible. Please can you let me know when you are planning to leave as I would like to go as soon as possible and how much it is each for the guide etc? Cheers, adam

  9. Hey Adam and Andy,

    I will arrive tomorrow night Tues around 11pm.
    If you want, we can meet on Wed to discuss?
    Most likely planning to leave on Thursday to lukla.

    So if you want to leave earlier, I could just meet you guys in Namche?

    Btw, for the 3 pass hike, I’m thinking of hiking it clockwise. So go to Gokyo lakes first, then to EBC.

    I don’t know if it will really take 20 days to hike, I guess it just depends on our speed. But if you’re pressed for time Andy, I’m sure on the way down will be much faster 😉

    Adam, I’m not sure on how to divide the cost, because my quote from the guide was only for one person, and a porter. So we can discuss in person how to divide the cost fairly.

  10. Hi Guys,

    I’m happy to leave on the Thursday. Tony do you have an advised day to day itinerary provided by the guide? Happy to discuss cost in person. I was quoted $950 by the guesthouse travel company i’m with, if i were to go alone with a guide on a package basis, accommodation, food, flights etc.

    Have you booked flights to Lukla yet? Its possible to book them at very short notice here so can wait until tomorrow to do so.

    I can get a couple of extra days breathing room on the flights and leave Nepal on the 11th which is fine.

    Yes lets meet up tomorrow morning, we are at the Alobar 1000 guesthouse which is in Thamel. Where are you staying Tony? The official North Face store is on Tridevi Sadak in Thamel which is just around the corner, if that works for you shall we say 9:00am?

    Catch you soon

  11. Hi all Hi Tony
    I raccomande you to do from left side to right all tree pass trek.this is my opinion more easy and less steep.special chola pass from right to left very steep first part but easy connetion to gokyo.i m in ktm tomorrow and fly to lukla on 22.i buy also a permit to climb island peak and i Will see what happen by the way.guys we can try to go togheters more easy and nice….let me know trekkers

  12. Hi Diego,

    Looks like we will all be there on the 22nd. Island peak looks pretty extreme, have you been before?

    If you are in KTM early enough tomorrow let me know and lets meet up.

  13. Hey Guys,

    Sorry, just checked in the hotel…..what a long day!
    I will meet my guide tomorrow at 11am at the Radisson Blu.

    Come swing by and meet the guide and see if you like him?

    Here is the proposed itinerary:
    Day 1: Luckla Phakding
    Day 2: Phakdling Namche
    Day 3: Namche Namche
    Day 4: Namche Thame
    Day 5: Thame Marulung
    Day 6: Marulung Gokyo Renjo La
    Day 7: Gokyo Thangnak Gokyo Ri
    Day 8: Thangnak Dzongla Cho La
    Day 9: Dzongla Goraksheep
    Day10: Goraksheep EBC
    Day11: Gorasheep Lobuje Kala Patar
    Day12: Lobuje Chuckhung Kongma La
    Day13: Chuckhung Dingboche Chuckhung Ri
    Day14: Dingboche Tenboche
    Day15: Tenboche Namche
    Day16: Namche Luckla
    Day17: Luckla Fly KTM

  14. No worries Tony,

    Thanks for the itinerary, looks good to me. Will see you in the lobby at 11.


  15. Hey Andrew,

    Just got a message from the guide.
    Can you make it to the lobby at 10am?

    I’ll be wearing a dark gray patagonia down jacket.

  16. Yeah that’s fine, ill get a move on.

    • I m in ktm and if somebody whant we can have a dinner togheters.at 19 pM i m in fire ice rest close the bank.tony your intinerary are not tree passes trek but inly ebc and gokyo…anisette not so different ti tree pass trek.i fly tommorow to lukla and come back whit open ticket.yes i did 10 years ago from jiri…this time i whant visit renjo la pass where you have a best wiew…

  17. Hi diego,

    Sorry I have only just seen this.

    We are flying at 6am tomorrow from Kathmandu.

    Email us a photo of you and we will look out for you. when is your flight



  18. Hi Diego it’s the 24 th I just got into namache, I pan to have 1 to 2 days rest then set off. I do not have a guide get. When do u get to namache?Let me know if your still keen to hike together

  19. Hey There Tony, just thought I’d drop you a line, I’m in namache 24 th for a couple of days to acclimatise and rest, just walked from jiri. I’m looking for some crew to hike the three passes with. Hopefully you can let me know if the timing works cheers Ari