Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Current plan is to start this trek from Phaplu or Jiri. I’m still not sure if I’ll hire guide for second part of this trek.
I’m flexible on dates and open for all suggestions.



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  1. Hello Tomislav,
    do you already have a more detailed plan?
    I will arrive in Kathmandu Oktober 18, and wil go for the Everest BC, my plan is to be back in Kathmandu before 14 November.
    maybe we can organise this trip together

    • Hi Martijn,
      No, I don’t have detailed plan yet.
      I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on October 16, and after 2-3 days in city I was planning to start EBC.
      I don’t have time limitations, so my current plan does not involve flight to Lukla, instead I was planning to start my trek from Jiri or one of neighboring airports (if possible, I would also like to avoid 9 hour bus ride to Jiri).
      I’m also open to option of taking guide.
      I don’t have too much experience with trekking but I would consider myself to be reliable and in good physical condition.
      Hope this will help you with your decision.

  2. Hello Tomislav,
    I think we can find a way to travel together, I don’t need to spend to much time in Kathmandu before the tracking, so I think we can leave October 19 or 20th.
    I have don some small tracking’s in Norway but have not to much experience to, so I think taking a Guide would be preferable. I do consider myself in good physical and mental condition as well.
    How long do you expect the trip will take from Jiri?

  3. hello i m also whant do ebc trek and gokyo lake.
    i did this trip 10 years ago and i have same guide whit me to do ebc in easy way.i m arrive in ktm on 21 oct and 22 we whant leave ktm.some one whant join trekking whit us?
    have fun!!!

    • Hi Diego. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on 16, and I’m planning to start this trek 2-3 days after that. I can let you know if my plans change, and I decide to stay longer in Kathmandu.

  4. ok tomislav….we start on 22 from lukla and if u whan you can join us in lukla or later….let me know…

  5. Hi Guys! My husband and I are coming in to Nepal from India in the next week to do EBC. Our timing aligns well with yours. We also want to hike in from Jiri independently but would prefer to hire a guide for the higher elevations only – maybe starting at Namche? We are 29/35 years old and in relatively good shape (however we have been traveling for 4 months so our activity has been a little limited). We’d prefer to go slow enough to enjoy the scenery, experience the villages, and acclimatize correctly. We both have great attitude and feel mental prepared for the climb.

    Have you guys nailed down any plans?

  6. Hi, I am arriving into Kathmandu on the 15th of October and plan to spend 2 days there. I am planning on trekking to EBC and was looking at going from Jiri but was not sure as I am travelling alone. I have no time limitations, i am a avid trekker and would be keen to hear what your plans are. I completed the Annapurna circuit last year which is my only hiking experience in high altitude. While i am not closed to the idea of a guide, my friend and i didn’t have one last year on the AC and didn’t have any problems as the locals are always willing to help out and point you in the right direction.

  7. Hi all!
    Everybody is welcome to join me!
    Since I don’t have to much experience with trekking I’m open for any suggestions.

    My current plan:
    I’ll be arriving into Kathmandu on 16th of October, and I’m planning to stay in Kathmandu until 19th of October.
    Then I’m planning to travel to Jiri or if possible (and not to expensive) take flight to Phaplu airport (I really hate long bus drives).
    I was also considering taking guide from Namche, but that is something that can be decided during hike.
    If everything goes well, I was also thinking about expanding this trek to include Gokyo Lakes.
    Who is interested and available?

    • Hello Tomislav,
      i arrive 18 October in kathmandu i would likt to join you the next day already when i can organise everything in time. Im not sure if that’s ppossibl . Can we meet up in kathmandu the 18th? Then i can book the same or simular bus and we can leave fast.

  8. Sounds great! Should we try to meet up in Kathmandu to talk logistics and get to know each other? We might be a couple days ahead of you leaving Kathmandu but could meet you in Namche and share a guide/do the upper trek together. Or who knows, we might be delayed in Kathmandu and we could all start together. We are very interested in Gokyo Lakes – heard it’s beautiful! After talking to some travelers in India who just finished EBC, I think we’d feel more comfortable with a guide for the higher elevations. Heard the elevation alone makes it much more difficult than Annapurna. But we’re not seasoned trekkers so maybe we’re being over cautious?

    Let me if you find a cheap flight. Heard the ride from Kathmandu to Jiri is the “bus ride from hell”. We might also look at shared jeep or mini bus.

    • Hello guys
      I m arrive from india on 21 october.i whant jump 14 h of bus from ktm to jiri and i take a flight to lukla,and spend 2 3 days around namche to have a good acclimat…and see more nice place(from jiri to lukla not really nice)at the moment i m alone(i have my nepalese guide)if some one whant join are welcome.i did this trip 10years ago and this time i whant spend more days in hight elevations to take nice photo in shanti shanti way…..i think to spend 20 22 days and if wheater are nice visit gokyo lakes from chola pass(best wiew from the top)
      Let me know…..

  9. Hi there I am planning to be starting the ebc around the same time from jiri I am also interested in hiring a guide for the higher altitudes and would also be interested in shared transport to jiri. I am in Kathmandu now 14 th of oct, it would be great to meet up and plan a trek. I would like to take around 25 days crossing all three passes although I am open to all ideas

  10. Hi ari i take a fly to lukla and jump the first trail from jiri.i did 10years ago and this time i prefer spend more days up the montains.if u whant we can share a guide in hight altitudin.
    Start 22 from ktm 25 i m in namche….

  11. sounds good Diego, I am catching a bus on the 17 th to jiri and will start the trek on the 18th. I will make contact with you when I get to Namche

  12. Ok ari i have a guide whit me we can meet in pheriche or namche.my idea this time are:cross tree pass from left(thame way)to right and try in the way go up in choklum peak.do it in 20 22 days in shanti shanti way

  13. cool 3 passes is what im keen to do to,
    are you heading out gokyo ri and cho la pass first? If i leave jiri on the 18th and all goes well then i think it should work well too meet you in namche

  14. From namche to thame and before cross renjo la pass and after chola pass and reach ebc.we can meet in namche.i think i m there on 24 oct