Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek


I’m planning to do the EBC + Gokyo lakes independently in December. I love hiking and exploring new places and different cultures and it’ll be so great to have some company to share this adventure! EBC would be my second trek in Nepal after the Annapurna circuit and I have experience hiking in Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka (my home country).

• Tentative dates would be from 30th November to 16-17th of December.
• Planning to fly in and out of Lukla to save time and complete the trek independently (Might look for a guide to cover Cho-La pass)
• Planning to visit the Gokyo lakes and spend 1-2 days in Gokyo as well
• I’ve set aside 18 days for the trek so pace would be moderate at best.

I prefer to be in a small group of maximum three. Do get in touch if you are looking for a similar adventure :D. It’s perfectly fine if you only want to do part of the trek!

Feel free to PM me if interested! Cheers!

Sri Lanka


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  1. Hi Hemaka,

    Have you fixed your flight date yet?
    I have not booked the ticket but end of Nov – mid Dec is ok for me.

    • Hey no not yet. I’ve looked at the available flights but haven’t made a booking yet. My plan is to fly to Lukla on the 29th or 30th of November. What’s ur plan?

    • I plan to start my trip in mid to end of November, so I can end my trip in mid December. I have not booked the ticket though.
      Let me know when you book ticket, we can do it together if our travel dates are matched.

    • Hi have you booked the tickets yet? I will be making a booking for departure on the 30th of Nov with return on the 16th of December

  2. hey, i was just looking for similar adventure and was not sure should i hire the guide or be able to find same minded people! i am not interested in any fast pace stuff or joking with altitude. I want to spend at least 2 days in Gyoko.

    • Great!! I think a guide is not a necessity for this trek. What dates are you looking at for the trek? I will be flying out on the 30th of November with a tentative return on the 16th of December

  3. cool! my dates are quite open, i havent booked my flights yet. How are you planning to get to Lukla? I understand that there is high chance of delays and cancelled flights and from Oct no flights operating from Kathmandu, soooo tempted to get helicopter at least one way 😀

  4. shall we make whatsapp group or smth: my number: +358449705222

  5. Hi Hemaka,
    I am also planning Gokyo lake trek at the end of November. Are you going Gokyo first?

    • Hi Samjid! I’m planning to do EBC first and then head to Gokyo! I thought that would be better in terms of acclimatisation for the Cho-La pass (not sure if the pass would be closed though). What are your plans?

    • Hi Hemeka, are you available in whatsapp? My number is+8801717055288. I am planning to match with your dates. Need to discuss some issues about itinerary.

  6. In fact, my plan is complete the trek in 13 days and go to Gokyo only, so, I am planning to follow the Gokyo route from Khumjung. Your suggestion will be appreciated!

  7. Hi guys,
    I just postet a similar itinerary and would like to fly to Lukla on the 26/27th of November. I won’t be available for the next 10 days, but in case one of you is still searching for company on the 25th and you would be available for the dates and plans mentioned in my post you can message me :).


    • lets keep in touch!

    • +64 272410803 in case that Whatsapp Group thing is happening :).