Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Anyone up for some trekking in the Everest Region in November/December 2019?

I plan to do some trekking in the Everest Region, starting at the beginning of November 2019.

– I plan to starkt from Lukla.
– I have a lot of time, so I don’t have a special timetable.
– I want to do the trek without a guide. Some of the place I want to go: Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Valley.
– Beside that I want to climb one or two of the higher mountains. Maybe Island Peak (6.189m). For that higher peaks I definitely want to hire a guide.
– I don`t like to be in big groups, one or maximum two persons, who come with me would be the best.
– I`m a very sporty person and I do a lot of mountaineering in my home (Austria and Switzerland).

It would be awesome to find some company for that adventure. Actually it also would be fine, if you just want to do a part of this tour with me.

Please feel free to contact me via a private message.

Cheers Michaela



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  1. Hi Michaela,
    If you can start the trip 5 days earlier, we can team-up for Gokyo Lakes and EBC or some other options in the area.
    I am not an experienced technical climber but I have some experience with advanced mountaineering.
    I already have my plane tickets.
    Plese, take a look at my trip, maybe it will suites you.

    • Sorry Razvan, actually for me it is not possilble to be in Kathmandu before the 2nd November. Then I will stay a few days in Kathmandu and start the Trek from Lukla at around 5th November.

  2. Hey Michaela, I was going to do the trek in October but I’ve had to change plans and I’m only getting in on 30th November. I want to start the trek on the 1st (I was going to do a 10 vipassana initially from 1st to 12th but I’d rather the do the trek instead – as I really enjoyed the Annapurna circuit last year) but I have be back to Kathmandu by 15th at the latest. Any chance we can start on the 1st? Karthick

    • *sorry that’s supposed to say 30th October.

  3. Hello,

    I’m planning to fly to Lukla on November 3, 2019, for Lukla-Namche-Gokyo Lakes-Lobuche-EBC-Dingboche-Tengboche-Namche-Lukla trip. So far, it’s just me. In order to support the local economy, I’m planning to hire a porter (who also helps in finding accommodation as well).

    Let me know if this suits your timeline/style.

    I was born and raised in Nepal and currently live in the USA, so I’m fluent in Nepali as well as English (fluent in Hindi and can moderately communicate with Urdu as well). I’m culturally aware and can communicate with Porter and locals (added benefit if you want to hike with me :))

    Happy trails!!

  4. im also trying to do the same starting from 17nov. from Kathmandu!! if you’re cool let’s discuss!