Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Hi I’m paola, I’ve been in Nepal last year to the Annapurna circuit trek and this time i want to reach E.B.C and i also would like to see Gokyo lakes.
I’ll spend one month in Nelpal so no hurry, just trek slowly to prevent altitude sickness.
No guides, no porters i’m not interest on them, i’ve already done my last trek without any help.
Maybe i’ll meet a friend in Katmandu but i’m not sure about it, so if someone want to share the trek it would be be great!!



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  1. Hi Paola!

    My name is Laura. I am from Spain but I live in USA. I will land in Lukla on the 26th and I am planning in spending 10 days hiking around. Would you be interested in shating so hiking time together?

    • Hi Laura!! It would be great by my flight will land on the 27 th and I was panning to trek till Lulka since i’ Ve a lot of time ..so I think I will be there in lukla one week later ..I think it’ s late for you

  2. ohhh…….yeah, I will be almost over with my hike by then. I have my flight out from KTM on the 7th. Sad to miss you

    • Yes, i hope to meet you on the trail!!!

  3. Hi Paola ,
    I am planning a same trek and would also prefer independent treks over ones with a guide.
    What is your approximate duration for doing the whole trek?

    • Hi!!
      my flight will lande on 27th in katmandu, i was planning to take a jeep and not to fly to lukla ( that’s cheaper but you have to trek 3 more days) and I have one month..

  4. Hey Paola. I’m Peter! I’m Canadian but live in California right now. I’m trekking from Jiri through the three passes leaving on the 17th of February. I’m giving myself a month so I can R&R in towns that appeal to me. I think my timing might be a little ahead of yours, but if we happen to cross paths at some point that would be cool!

  5. Hi Paola. My name is Kasia. I am from Poland, but I live in Brighton, UK. I was planing to do Annapurna Circuit trek with my friend, but she got pneumonia. We have flight tickets for 24th of Feb. arriving at Kathmandu early afternoon on 25th of Feb and coming back on 14th of March. I was thinking of joining you in Kathmandu and doing the EBC trek instead. I am also not interested in guides or porters, although is my first trek in Himalayas ; ) Similar budget and also photographer ; ) Please let me know if you are interested, I hope you are ; )) If not, maybe you could just share your tips and experience from Annapurna Circuit, as this would give me great encouragement to do this trek on my own. xxx

    • Hi kasia!
      my plan is changed I mean i’ll reach a friend in kathmandu and i’ll walk with him.
      I also have more time than you so i think it could be difficult to walk together.. but i ‘ll be very happy to help you with any questiona about the Annapurna circuit if you want.I’ve been there one year ago i was scared and afraid but everything was very simple more than i was expected really.

  6. Hi Paola.

    Sure, I understand.
    I think I am also more exited about EBC trek with the view of Gokyo lake this time. I might leave Annapurna for the next year. Thanks for the offer about sharing your experience. Have fun and maybe we will meet on the trek : )

  7. yeah!! it would be great !! I hope to meet you!