Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Hey I am Miguel,
I am going to arrive to katmandu the 30 September and I would like to start the trekking in Jiri the three pass including base camp and gokyo lakes In addition , I am learning inglish. So , I looking for a partner in oder to improve my inglish !. Last year I did the Annapurna cirquit for 18 day for my own !



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  1. Hi Miguel:

    I am also looking to hike / trek around the same time as you, I could start in Jiri and am interested in the Three Passes and Base Camp. In 2019 I am looking to hike / Trek the Camino so learning some Spanish would really be helpful for me. There are a couple people I have been chatting with about the hike I have posted as well however nothing is firming up yet. Please give some thought to an old guy trekking with you, I promise not to hold you up.

    All The Best

  2. Hola Miguel!
    Tengo en mente la misma idea que tú, hacer el trek de los tres pasos y visitar el campo base del Everest, del Cho Oyo, Ama Dablam… Todo lo que el cuerpo aguante!
    Si te apetece, podemos compartir la aventura. Tengo algo de experiencia en altura y en trekkings largos.

    Un saludo,

  3. Hey guys,
    I am also planning to do the 3 passes trek, preferably starting not later than September 26, as I have to be back in Kathmandu on Oct 20 and want to climb a 6k+ peak at the end of the trek… If starting that early is possible for any of you, please let me know so we can get in touch.
    Best, Nik
    Ps: in exchange to practicing English and Spanish, I can offer some German lessons 😉

    • Hi Niko – I can make the start date of Sept 26 work. Are you also planing to do the out and back to EBC as well? I would appreciate some Spanish and my German is very limited.

      All The Best to you

  4. Hi all,

    I am planning to hike/trek the Three Passes and the base camp around the same time with you guys. I am quite flexible with the dates as long as it’s around 28/29 Sept – 22/24 Oct. If this turns out to be a hike plus language tandem/exchange, I can cover English, Korean and woud love to practice/improve my French 🙂


    • Hi Hyekyung – I can also make these dates work (see reply to Niko above).

      All The Best to you

  5. Hi Guys
    I am also interested in this trek, my first visit to Nepal tho I have done alot of mountain walking in Australia. I have no additional language to share apart from aussie slang!