Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Hi everyone,

Im planning to do the EBC trek on early march. I don’t have exact dates yet, but id like to start around 2nd or 3rd of march, after the Holi. Id like someone like-minded to trek with, share the cost etc. I don’t want a guide, but someone to trek with in those conditions, is very helpful and mind easing. Also a porter would maybe be a nice to have, not sure yet.

Im not in hurry and not a super fast walker. My plan is to enjoy the views, culture, local people, local villages and enjoy the Himalayas.




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  1. We are 3 guys from sri lanka planing to do ebc trek in mid march. If possible we can do together ?

    • Hi brothers nice to meet you all and hope the best for you all im also doing the ebc around that time my flught for kathmandu is on 3rd march currently in indonesia if i can contact you elsewhere let me know thanks

  2. Hi Levi,
    i plan to be in Nepal for a couple of months beginning mid March and would be doing the EBC trek along with Gokyo & the 3 passes. Would start the trek from Jiri. I am also not in a hurry and would like to enjoy the trek experiencing local culture and mingling with the local people. In case mid-March works OK with you do let me know and we can try and plan to team up.

    • Yes bro sounds good would you mind one more person with like minded thinking let me know my flight for kathmandu is on 3rd march currently in indonesia

  3. Hi Levi,

    Same plan here. I’m a student from Amsterdam planning to stay in Nepal for two months, so open for ideas. I also posted my trip here. If you’d like to discuss ideas, let me know!


    • Hi Aron. Im from Sri Lanka and planing to go EBC trekking on 18th march..i dont have any partners and hoping to get assistance ftom travel company called Earthbound expeditions ..if you like can join

    • Hi Aron,
      do you have any fixed plans yet? I’m still looking for other people to hike with! 🙂 (see reply below)

  4. Im planning to do the EBC trek between 10th – 25th march.
    Personally i wanna trek solo, but if you feel you if good to have a guide/poter so that we can share the cost i dont have any problem.

    Let me if that fine with you

  5. Hi Levi,
    I’m planning to to EBC or Gokyo as well.
    I’d be happy to share a guide if someone is interested, otherwise I’m rather travelling on a shoestring as well.
    I hike quiet often/not too slow but I like to enjoy the views, culture etc as well.
    I’m in Pokhara right now (spending Holi here) and after I’m flexible on the departure date.
    Let me know if you’re still looking for some trekking parterns!

  6. Hi, people
    I am landing in Kathmandu on March 25th in the morning. Next day taking a flight to Lukla. From Lukla I will do Three Passes Trek.
    I am looking for buddies to do it together or to join group.