Everest Base Camp 3 Passes Trek and Annapurna Circuit

Hi everyone I am flying into Kathmandu on 27th March then heading to Everest Base Camp a day or 2 later. I plan to go back via the 3 passes (Kongma La/Cho La/Renjo La) and 3 side treks which include Gokyo Ri/Kala Pattar and Chukkung Ri. Iam planning getting a guide but am happy to do this with somone to split costs as after this I also plan on doing the Annapurna Circuit. I wanted to do this trek alone so am happy to give trekking partner as much space as they want! If anyone is interested get in touch and could get to know each other a bit before it. Cheers!



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  1. Hi Gerry,

    I am also planning to do the Three Pass Trek around that time. Are you still looking for partners? It would be awesome to split costs for a guide.


    • Hi Olivia!

      If you are still looking for a partner, I will be getting to Kathmandu March 27th as well. Let me know if you’d like to do the Three Pass Trek together. I’m also from the US! I’ll be in Nepal for 2 months.

  2. Hey Gerry,
    I will also be arriving in Kathmandu March 27. Same boat as you. Would be great to join forces. Let me know if you are still looking for a partner to split costs.

    • Hi Ron just saw this message when are you planning on starting your trip? Have u booked flights to Lukla yet?

  3. Hey hey. I don’t have any concrete plans, but would like to start the trip a couple days after landing in Kathmandu. So around the 29th or 30th. I have not booked flights to Lukla yet. I’m currently looking to find a fair priced guide who can set that up. Do you have anything planned or organized yet?

    • Yeah mate I’ve got a guide organised it will cost me 25usd per day. What are your plans for the trek?

    • That’s a good deal. If more join you, does the guide still take only $25?
      For the trek I just want to go at a moderate pace. I’m flexible to go on side trips during the trek if there is something special out there. I also don’t mind just taking the normal amount of days. Flight to Lukla booked yet?

  4. Hey Gerry!
    I’m also in Nepal for 2 months and have booked my flight to Lukla for 28th March and plan to do 3 passes trek and then Annapurna circuit at the end of April. Let me know if you are still looking for partners. Cheers!

    • Hey Tamara sounds like we are both doing doing the same trek! Are u just doing it on ur own?

  5. Hey! I am also looking for a group to do the three passes with. I don’t think a guide is necessary, but I am open to it. I just completed the Annapurna Circuit and am an experienced hiker. Hope to either hike or fly into Lukla within the next few days.

  6. Hello!
    I am just arrived in Nepal yesterday night (March 25th).
    I would like to do the 3 pass trek and Gogyo lakes.
    I would like to join to the group leaving March 27to 29.
    I need to buy a pair of boots, sticks and rent a sleeping bag and a duffle bag.
    I will take a guide-sherpa to make it easier.
    I have a month in Nepal.