Everest Base Camp

Hi. Looking for trekking partners if anybody’s interested to go during the same time. I’m planning to go from December 23 – January 3. That’s the plan for now because I want to spend both Christmas and New Year’s on the trail. I’ve already talked to a whole bunch of tour companies and independent guides and pretty much 99% finalized on a guide/porter. I’m heading to Nepal on the 16th and going to meet them in person to confirm all the details, but if you want to join me or if you have a better plan, I might join your trip as well so leave a message below.



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  1. hey jenny…!

    I am also planning to do a trek in Nepal around the same time. I have been to the Annapurna Sanctuary till Poon Hill before, though I have visited Kathmandu also before. Can you provide me the details of your trip?
    Is it possible for me to join you?


  2. Jenny.

    Ive been to Katmandu/trekking twice before. First, you dont need a guide or porter. Secondly, the trail to EBC is so well marked a blind yak could follow it on a forward stumble. Third, beware of douche bags trying to hook up with you. like this ass clown called Kamal- why does he need all of your details? why do you need him to join you? He states he’s visited Kathmandu before- and he’s been to the Annapurna Sanctuary. so why does he need a first timer going who is going to EBC? these dudes are scammers and they live in KMD. Nothing is free there, they want every cent in your pocket. believe that.

    The so called travel agent in every hotel is a gigantic scam. here is how it works; they can arrange your trekking permit, arrange a flight, get a porter and call a taxi for you for a huge extra price. you can do all of that by yourself for free! just look around Thamel- too easy.

    The travel agent will keep 50% of the fee- you will give the rest to the porter upon arrival to lukla- then the porter pays the tea house that supports him. At the end of the day- the porters are exploited. they live on tips, used gear and the discounts from the tea houses. The porter will take you to his favorite tea houses and bargain with them for lodging & food. He gets kick backs all the way to EBC & Back- plus the tips you hand out and whatever gear you decide to leave behind.

    Jenny, it takes about 10 days just to get to EBC- slow and steady. If you feel sick, drop to a lower elevation. Additionally, it takes about 4 long days of trekking to get out. Plus, the weather at lukla some times delays flights- that might put you back a few days. Be ready.

    The trip is fun. rewarding & beautiful.

    • Hello Rich

      I very well understand your concerns and suggestions. I was planning to trek alone, so was looking for some company here. I wrote the message in haste, may be that is why I did not think of my words and language. Yes, indeed it sounds very deceiving. I am a doctoral student in Mathematics, so I am quite educated and don’t need anybody’s money.


  3. Hi Jenny

    Most of what Rich has said is quite valuable information for a first timer. You hardly need a guide and they want every bit of your money.