Everest Base Camp

Hello all! I’m a 26 year old gal from the United Sates and I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on the 14th. I’m looking for some relaxed, easy going people who might want to join me on Everest Base Camp trek. I’m thinking of starting from Shivalaya/Jiri which is about a 5/6 day hike to Lukla but I’m open to flying there if need be. I think the total time for the trip would be about 3 weeks with walking form Jiri and flying out of Lukla. I’d also like to to Gokyo.

I’m fairly flexible with start dates – sometime after the 15th though. I’m also open to doing the trek with or without a guide/porter. Obviously the bigger the group the less expensive a guide/porter would be so I’d be ok with that.

I’m in pretty decent shape but am still looking to take it on the easy side with this trek and just enjoy the scenery and the journey – I’m in absolutely no rush!

Look forward to hearing from you! Again I’ll be in Kathmandu on the 14th and staying at the Alobar Hostel – PM me or reply below if you are interested and would like to meet up.




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  1. Hi Emily,

    I arrive to Kathmandu on 14-October as well. I’d like to begin on the 16th, with the goal of finishing by 4-November. Let me know if this aligns with your plans.


    • Hi Mark! That sounds pretty good to me! Are you thinking of walking in from Jiri or flying into Lukla? I’m meeting up with another girl from this website tonight at 1800 at the Alobar1000 hostel to discuss possibly trekking together and you’re more than welcome to join us!

  2. Hi..sounds good for me 🙂 check MSG.

  3. Sent you a message 🙂 interested in joining. Would also like to begin from jiri, staying in the same hostel now

    • Replied to your message! Sounds great. Let’s meet up today…maybe lunch?

  4. Hi Everyone,

    is everything still on for the 16th? I will be delayed by one day because my flight did not make it into Kathmandu tonight. I’ll likely start on the 17th. If you all start on the 16th, perhaps I will catch up with you at some point.

    Let me know what you decide to do.


    • I should have clarified, my flight didn’t make it into Kathmandu tonight due to weather. I will arrive tomorrow late morning and will arrange my trekking permit shortly after my arrival.

    • Hi Mark!
      No worries – I didn’t get in until 11pm last night because of the weather. I messaged Josefine about meeting for lunch at Alobar…will you be in by noon or do you get in later than that? We can meet for dinner as well. I was planning on heading out probably the 17th now because I missed yesterday.

  5. I just got in. I can meet this afternoon or evening. I’m at Zen Bed & Breakfast. Heading out on the 17th would be great. Let’s try to get together after 3 pm.

  6. Hey Emily,

    I came by your hostel this evening and left you a note. Let me know your plan for EBC. Hope to join you all on the trek.

    • Hi Mark!

      I got your note last night after getting back from dinner (we’d been out all day getting gear and such for the trek) but the internet wasn’t working and I couldn’t get back to you until now! So sorry! We are planning on leaving tomorrow morning on a bus to Jiri and spending about 20-22 days trekking. We’re walking in but flying out of Lukla. Today we have to get all of our permits and I am going to try and see if I can get a visa extension (I only got a 30 day and I don’t want to be too rushed at the end of the trip). Does this still sound good to you? If it does we should meet up at some point today. It’s tough because I don’t know how long everything is going to take but I’m sure we can make it happen. What are your plans for the day?