Everest Base Camp

We are planning on doing the Everest Base Camp trek starting around the 1st October.
We will probably be flying to Lukla to start the trek from there, and we are looking for anyone who would like some trekking company and split the cost of a guide with us as we are recent graduates and travelling on a budget.
Most of all we just want to meet some new people to share the experience with us!

We are a young couple, both 22 from the UK, friendly and laid back!



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  1. Hi! Nice trip you got ahead of you 😀 My name is Tobias and due to my partner canceling plans I am in urgent need for a group to join. I am an open minded person with a great deal of trekking experience, but since this is my first time trekking in Nepal I would like to go with a group. I assume that you want to stay in teahouses, and mabey I will do that too but i also bring equipment for camping and cooking.

    I want a great trip with a decent pace but with time to relax and enjoy the view. So if you are still planning to go to the Everest Base Camp I am interrested to join and I hope you will respond.

    Greeting from Tobias Kallehauge – Currently in Nepal

  2. Hello,

    I’ve just seen your post – I’m from the UK too, and very keen to do the Everest Base Camp Trek. I fly into Kathmandu on Monday (the 29th September) and am looking for people to do the trek with too as a large tour group doesn’t sound quite as much of an adventure as doing it in a smaller group! I’d definitely be happy to split the cost of a guide/sherpa with you.

    Please let me know if you’re still looking for people to join you on your trip. Hopefully see you in Nepal!