Everest Base Camp

Hi Everyone!

I am planning to trek to Everest Base Camp over a 14-20 day period starting around Sept 17th. I believe that going with other trekkers would be a fun way to explore the region. I am open to split the cost of a guide or research ourselves and trek to EBC.

I included a wide range of days because I want to see the Gokyo Valley region. I wouldn’t mind taking a bus to Jiri and hike over 2 days to Lukla (I hear it’s amazing) and fly back to Kathmandu or just fly Kathmandu to Lukla and start our trek in Lukla.

I recently graduated from university in the USA. I have been traveling for about 2 months and my last stop is Nepal!

If you are interested, please drop me a message and we can figure things out!



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  1. Hello mate, I am looking at the same dates and had considered both the trek in or out from Jeri and definitely want to go to gokyo. I arrived today into Kathmandu and have been speaking to touts and the hostel is offering a strict 12 day itinerary for 1000USD. (Guide and teahouse trekking) to ebc. I would rather solo trek it if I can find a buddy, so we would not be on a restricted schedule and it would be half the cost (flights return are quoted at 350usd ) but I wouldn’t mind splitting cost of a guide if you,d prefer.
    Im 26yo from England. Sounds like we have same plan so if you wanna go together that would be great, PM me if so and we can arrange the details over Skype or arrange a meet in Kathmandu or even just organise the same flight to Lula. Cheers sam

    • Hey Sam,

      My apologies but I have already booked my trip. I am doing a 14-day trek starting Sept 18th and I fly into Lukla.

      Best of Luck to you!

  2. OK mate no problem thanks for letting me know. All the best.