Everest Base Camp

Hi I`m Abhi from India. Have done multiple Treks in Indian Himalayas in Ladakh, Zanskar, Nanda Devi etc.

I`m planning for EBC around Mid October. Would be great to join fellow trekkers/travelers and have a fun and inspiring trek across Everest region! Planning for a 12-15 day trek! Preferably with a small group 🙂




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  1. a bit further in the month, I plan to do a 13 day EBC inclusive w/ Lukla flights sherpas, guide, etc for $900 through very reputable company but I’m going on 10/23 returning on 11/4 if that might work for you

    • Hi Dane

      Have you already found a group to go with? I’m looking into going as well, but saw some trips for 17 days.

    • Hey Margo if you also interested around same dates then maybe Dane can check with the agency. They could reduce the price as well as some of my friends did it for 600 $ his month!

  2. Hi Dane

    Have you already found a group to go with? I’m looking into going as well, but saw some trips for 17 days.

  3. Hi Dane, i would be interested around same dates. Is the plan made? So ill be landing in KTM on 24th! Can we make it together if that suits you!

  4. Hello Abhijit. Are you already booked with a guide/sherpas? And are you still planning on leaving on 24 October? How many people are going with you?

    • Hi Margo, I`m alone as of now! i`m planning to reach Kathmandu on 24th and book guide, tickets to Lukla, etc from Thamel in Kathmandu on 24th. Will leave for Lukla on 25th or 26th depending on flights. I`ve a few trekking agency details which my friends have used this month, so will book with that Guide/Porter. around 600$ approx for 14 days!

  5. Hi Abhijit

    That could work with me. I see that there’s an EBC trek for 14 days with Nima Dorjee Tamang for $1220. I’m not sure if that’s per person or for two people if we are together. He’s planning one to leave on 20th October. I guess this would be too early for you?

    • Margo…earlier than 25th would be problem. Is there a way you could postpone by 5 days to start on 25th. Also, the cost is prohibitive, all my friends have done in sub 600$ this month itself. I’m connecting to a few guides in couple of days and will keep u posted. Can we chat through my email id if its OK with you.

  6. Hi Margo and Abhijit,
    I’ m the Malaysian engineer earlier attempting to connect Wing’s itinerary.
    I can go along from 20-oct. Abhijit is right. $1,220 is steep. Do keep me looped.

  7. Hi Abhijit.,
    Have you found someone or a group yet?
    I can join you for the Lukla flight 25/26 oct.