Everest 3 Passes

Hi everyone

My name is Matt and I will be coming to Nepal in February

This is my first time to Nepal and I’m super excited!
I’ve been trekking all over the world, favourites so far have been in Peru, Argentina, Ethiopia, Corsica (France), Kyrgyzstan and China
I’ve been travelling for since May of 2017 and this is the penultimate experience for me, the final stop before I have to head home and study, the 3 Passes
I have a flight booked on the 1st of March 2019 to land in Lukla from Kathmandu and a return ticket on the 20th although from what I’ve heard it’s very easy to change the flight back so I am very accommodating to be flexible.
About me as a trekker:
I usually have a set plan in terms of an itinerary, I like to be able to stick to it as much as I possibly can however I understand that nature often doesn’t allow for that and things can change and if conditions are too dangerous I will not be stupid about having to change plans on the fly
I love to be as friendly and as helpful to people as I can be along the route and I love to tell stories of my trip as well as hear others
I am usually overly positive although there will e the odd complaint about how broken my body is from playing sport too much hahaha
But overall I would love some company and/or support from a likeminded and friendly individual or collection of them to accompany me on this epic and unmissable journey

Hope to hear from you all soon!



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  1. Hey Matthew, I’m flying into Lukla on the 1st as well and looking to do the Three passes in a similar timeframe. Which way around are you planning on going? Would be great to team up if we’re heading the same way